How can you become an aerospace scientist?

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering course

The Master's degree in aerospace engineering builds on the Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering or. Industrial Engineering on.

This shows you very clearly Movie, which was created in cooperation with the Employment Agency, which focuses the study in Braunschweig sets, how important mathematics is for you and which career paths are opened up for you.

Braunschweig looks back on more than 80 years of tradition in aviation research and flight testing. Today there is a high density of aerospace research institutions and partners, e.g. Lower Saxony Research Center for Aviation at the research airport campus, German Aerospace Center, Federal Aviation Office. The space technology institutes of the TU have some unique equipment: research engine, wind tunnels, test stands ... With the research aircraft "D-IBUF", a Dornier 128-6, the "flying lecture hall" has been taking off in Braunschweig for 30 years: flight tests and Flight laboratories in a nationwide unique project that also brings students from other universities to Braunschweig as part of a Summer School.

Application for the master’s course: 01.06. - 15.07. for the winter semester; 01.12. - 15.01. for the summer semester
Information for applicants at the TU Braunschweig - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

"Aerospace technology" can already be selected as an engineering specialization in the Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering or industrial engineering. The course content is determined by the basic subjects of aerospace engineering. Within the master’s program, areas of focus can be set according to personal interests:

  • aerodynamics
  • Flight guidance
  • Flight mechanics
  • Aircraft engines
  • Aircraft construction and lightweight construction
  • Space technology
  • Materials

As illustrated in the structure of the master’s program, the curriculum includes not only compulsory and compulsory elective modules, but also laboratories, elective and non-specialist subjects in order to enable a broad view of the problems of everyday engineering.

An overview of all courses offered is provided by the Module manual (MHD) on the pages for students.

Access and examination regulations

The current admission regulations, examination regulations and further information can be found on the pages for students.

What else you should know ... on the subject: team spirit

The world's largest paper airplane is called Carolo Wilheminchen, is in the Guinness Book of Records with his world record and comes from Braunschweig. Designed and built in 2013 by students and academic staff at the TU Braunschweig. The whole story in words, pictures and film.

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