How has information technology revolutionized business?

IT, telecommunications & media

The world has changed a lot - businesses and consumers are now practically always online and make intensive use of the significant innovations made possible by the quantum leaps in information technology and telecommunications. The internet has revolutionized the way business is done as well as the daily lives of consumers. In this environment, innovation and change are high on the corporate agenda.


Social media and ubiquitous digital services lead to closer links between companies and customers. Digital communication has a mobile, social but also local effect. In order to survive in the long term, companies from the TIME sectors (telecommunications, information, media, electronics) must develop strategies that ensure the innovative development of competitive products in the age of the Internet economy of the 21st century.


A development focus of the Internet economy is in the USA, where giants such as Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook fight out who controls the digitized world in which segment. The digitized and physical worlds can generate amazing user experiences. Closed systems controlled by a company that integrate hardware, software and services are challenged by open systems in which a large number of providers combine different hardware, software and services with the help of open standards. Those who are not strong enough to dominate an entire system are better advised to focus on individual elements and build partner networks.


In the networked economy, the speed of change is increasing continuously. Well-founded ideas about the future and the application of the best digital strategies represent a great challenge, which you need competent partners to master. The allocate way combines intelligent strategies with an integrated allocation and optimization of all central company resources and thus enables clients from the TIME segment to navigate safely through an uncertain future. The competence of allocate in the search for and development of the right team to cope with these challenges of the internet economy is a particularly effective lever to make our clients successful.