How can my WordPress comments be displayed?

How to manage the comments in WordPress?

How to manage the comments in WordPress: Instructions on using tools to manage and approve comments to automatically identify and remove spam.

What are comments for?

WordPress allows you to post comments (replies) to posts on your website. Comments are used by website visitors to respond to posts and other articles. Thanks to these answers, visitors can discuss the theme. The comments are also used to create an interaction between you and the website visitors.

List of comments

If you want to see a list of all the answers, look in the WordPress administration for "Comments„. Click here to go to the list of all the comments on your website.

Filtering of comments

At the top of the list are links for filtering visitor responses. You can choose which comments should be displayed: All, Pending, Approved, Spam - or comments that are in the trash. You can also get visitor responses using the option Filter filter. You can in the window Search in comments look for specific answers.

How to manage the comments in WordPress

If you are in the comments list Navigating to a particular visitor reply line, links to various features are displayed. Use these features to manage comments on your WordPress site.

Deny - This feature allows you to decline a visitor's response. The reaction is no longer displayed on the page after the action.

reply - Clicking this option will bring up a window for you to write your reply to the comment.

QuickEdit - Here you edit the name of the user who left the answer, his email or URL and the comment itself.

To edit - In addition to the information that you have in the Fast processing You can choose the status of a pending, approved, or spam comment. You can also edit the reply date and time.

Spam - mark the comment as spam.

waste paper bin - Select this option to move the reaction to the trash. Those that are in the Recycle Bin can be restored or deleted forever.

In WordPress you can Evaluate and filter spam comments with the Akismet plugin. Akismet is installed in every new WordPress installation. To use it, look for Akismet in the plugins list and check the box “Activate„.

Mass actions

Use the button Mass actionsto perform the same action on multiple comments. Use the check box to select which visitor responses the selected action will apply to. Then click on Mass actions.

Here you can choose what to do with the selected comments: Reject, Approve, Mark as spam or Put it in the paper basket. click on Taketo perform the action.

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