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The UK The Porsche company developed the concept of a new vehicle in March 5, after numerous approvals, the company created blueprints and, in July, produced the hull from mild steel. The hull and chassis with removable trenching equipment passed the performance tests. A wooden prototype of the tower and a wooden prototype of the hull were made. In, the project was discontinued in favor of new heavy tanks. Note: This tank was changed from medium to heavy in update 1. As this tank was used for the prototype of the Pz. VI Tiger P., It is similar in size and layout. Due to its comparatively weak side armor and low traverse rate, the tank is susceptible to flank shots.

Dear VK 36.01 H.

Jump to content. Hi everyone, So at the time of writing I started grinding the VK, I've only played 3 battles so far, Losing the first game that only deals one shot of damage, followed by 2 wins that were 1. This gets me to about 1k average damage. I did this because I felt the UK

VK H. Matchmaking against Tier 8 tanks !!! I love the VK's play style as a long-range sniper style tank, but why this is a subreddit where we share WoT news, strategy tips, tank choices, and opinions.

Choosing the line of tanks in World of Tanks can feel like an impossible challenge. Assuming the game is over 50 complete tank lines that extend from level 1 to tier 10 you have a wide range of tanks available. This tank world, whose German tank line is right for you, will guide you through the German technology tree. Each tank in the German tank line is broken down into a brief overview of the general characteristics of each tank.

It also covers how well the tank line works overall and how easy it is to sand. For other nations, take a look below to see which tank line is best for you. The PZ.

VK 30.01 P .: Help!

Below are the statistics of the tiger in the game. Some points to keep in mind are armor ratings and the speed at which it stands out from the competition and can get into attack positions faster. The tiger is shot by the Soviet counterparts, therefore, it is necessary to rely on its speed and armor for success. Read: Should You Buy the Tiger? Compared to the UK

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Jump to content. So what do you think ?, What should I buy, I really like German tanks, but I hear they have weak armor, Anyone can penetrate them .. Does that include the VK being far more boxy than the T.? When I had the VK almost anything could get inside it while the Stalinium T can ricochet more shots. T is less accurate, although misses are less common when fully aiming, the higher pen and damage IMO make up for it. Stila86, on Nov. 26- PM, said:

I would say that German tanks are, on average, more difficult to play than Soviet ones, but treated well, they can hold their own. The Henschel line also leads to "outstanding" E. 75 and E - provided you've done your homework with fishing rods and side scraping.

Dear VK 36.01 H.

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Vulnerabilities of VK (H.). Ads are our only source to cover the cost of maintaining Wotinfo. Orange - order, gunner, loader. Red - engine, fuel.

Below are the statistics of the tiger in the game. Some points to keep in mind are armor ratings and the speed at which it stands out from the competition and can get into attack positions faster. The tiger is shot by the Soviet counterparts, therefore, it is necessary to rely on its speed and armor for success. Read: Should You Buy the Tiger? Compared to the VK however, one thing to keep in mind is that the flat frontal armor requires proper fishing to avoid intrusion. For World of Tanks beginners, the Tiger is an easy-to-use tank.

However, a veteran will be able to take the Tiger to the next level and turn it into one of the best tanks to earn credits in World of Tanks thanks to the relatively low cost of replenishment. Unlike other heavy tanks at Tier 6, the Tiger has a low profile, which makes it difficult for the enemy to hit a target.

The use of this low altitude and high speeds can be used to move quickly between hills or to drive quickly through city streets. Overall, The Tiger is an excellent entry point for the German nation, but it suffers from poorly angled armor.

Pz VK 36.01H versus T-150

Jump to content. Ah the VK it's a good tank if you know how to play it. I'm nowhere near an expert on this game and have only played for about 3 months. But when I finished with this tank I decided to be nice for a change and pass on some of my experience with this tank. Ok so here it goes

The VK H doesn't have heavy armor like most heavy ones, and the standard turret launch isn't very well protected either. Start with the Konish (weapon).

Content: Tier 6 VK I loved the tank. It was one of my better performers, even though I didn't have a lot of games. Then, I learned VK. Was it a good substitute? With VK I got a lot of medals imho - for a short time - also through extreme misfortune I missed two Radley Walters medals because someone stole my very last kill. It looked like this: After 30 games in VK, I already had a Radley-Walters and one stolen, two Top Guns, some snipers, and a Confederate, and it was just Konish.

What is the reason VK i see three main reasons. Be dull, it sucks. It's better on paper - 60mm at 55 degrees with no weak spots unlike the old VK In reality, a lot of WoT takes place in hillfights, or at least in different terrain, and whenever the opponent is higher or lower, the angles of the panels will be negates where VK also not sure on ranged combat, the shell's ballistic trajectory also negates the angles of UFP.

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Jump to content. VK You can see that the faceplate and tower cheeks along the rail supports have been improved along with the mantlet. Go Ape Be Happy Party On! I can not hear you.

Posted in Medium Tanks: Hi Everyone, So I started sanding the VK P on the exit tank if you play well. unlike many people in matchmaking.

I hope this will save a lot of my nerves. The next good thing you could do is do some sort of IQ test before installing the game: that, along with this new matchmaker, would make the game a real gem and a fair, even fight. I hope it's better than now. Why are Tier IV Lights Still Tier 10 Effective? Shouldn't scout roles against beasts 10 Tanks should be left to more suitable tanks like the Chaffee, T., and VK?

It's the same as putting an M7 in a game that has a Pershing imo in it. In any case, thanks for the update on the matchmaking tiering. Suyalus, I don't think you read it right 4 lights still go on level 10! Will test it out tonight as it sounds good. Nah, it still seems terrible to me.

Instructions for the VK 36.01 (this time no troll)

However, this can lead to very biased opinions and one-sided views about problems. The Tank Gun Rammer counteracts the very long reload time while both the vertical stabilizer This is good shit! Has a lot going for it including equipment. Support; Legal documents; Specify Europe English region.

For the record patch notes. World of tanks part ii archive page planet dnow forum. What do you think is the most difficult personal mission and how would it be.

The VK Heavy tank was developed at the end of World War II. Only existed in blueprints. Don't make the mistake of comparing this to the Tiger I. During the UK, it does not offer any significant mobility advantages over the Tiger I. In fact, it is beaten in the high-speed division. Don't be surprised by the angled front panels either. They offer improved protection compared to the Tiger I's flat hull design, but it's not something to rely on, especially when fighting tanks of your own tier and higher. The turret, however, mostly offers no angles, and with nominal mm armor protection which does not give a much higher effective value in most places, it is an easy target for lower levels as well.

So essentially, you have to do the VK Compared to the Tiger I., the VK

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Jump to content. Lordofcaptain, on Nov. 27- PM, said: A bit useless with T7.

Tank origin. An experimental German WWII heavy tank developed by Henschel. The vehicle was a further development of the VK (H.) project and a.


VK 30.01 P .: Help!


[E. 25 | DMG, KILL 8]. EPIC wear in the E in World of Tanks! The VK (H.) isn't a popular heavy tank in WOT, but it's surprisingly effective with the r. If the new matchmaking templates work in your favor and you sti.


Panzerwelt VK 36.01 (H.) - - 7 Kills 4K damage

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