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Misinterpretation of the Akatsuki and how to avoid them or also: depth of character in the cuddle group

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Hidan and Kakuzu

I.) Hidan, the religious fanatic
II.) Kakuzu the just-not-Dagobert
III.) Coupling - honest?
IV.) Afterword


I.) Hidan, the religious fanatic
"Wow, ey, old ****, you're such a *********, I'll ram my ********************************************************************* kill, *** ****** ****! "he said and ran after Tobi, whom he had just threatened with asterisks. He cursed it so that it looked like the Milky Way in fan fiction. He had to sacrifice this rat now, or he had to take these bad, horrible, UNWORTHY chickens. He couldn't do that. Now he had to ...

This is, how should I put it, not really IC-Hidan. So first of all, these censor stars don't belong in a story. Honestly not, that is terrible and doesn't make what has been written seem serious at all. In addition, it is completely pointless, because the swear words are still there if you can somehow decipher the whole thing.
Second, Hidan is definitely not running after Tobi. He probably doesn't even know him. He dies in the anime in episode 307, Sasori in episode 247, and it will be a while before it is decided that Tobi is now on the team with Deidara. So let's say it will be a while before they absorb the next biju. Hidan and Kakuzu probably had to move on relatively quickly afterwards and absorbing a demon takes a while and is quite exhausting. They probably didn't have the time to hunt and sacrifice each other and probably not even both were actually there, just a projection of one of the two. So I don't think they know each other. Perhaps Tobi was there when Zetsu ate corpses or brought information to Hidan, but you can't be sure about that. And those neither Kakuzu nor Hidan simply leave corpses behind; they are either sacrificed or sold for bounty.
Maybe you know each other from the ominous HQ, but its existence can be argued and I don't think there is such a thing. If so, the two of them won't be there long enough to pound each other's throats.
Thirdly, Hidan is certainly not one of the most intelligent Akatsuki members, but he is not so disabled that he just yells around, wants to impale Tobi and then hides somewhere for hours. So please, he's a felon! He destroyed his entire hometown and killed everyone, for God's sake!
In addition, Hidan likes fights with equal opponents, he would hardly sacrifice someone like Tobi. In addition, Hidan would be too lazy to really chase Tobi,
What is well taken with such FFs, however, is the cruelty and temperament of him. But please, please let him do that and don't put him in that “big mouth, nothing behind it” corner, because it has been proven often enough that he is serious.
In summary: Hidan is loud, rude, explosive, not the smartest, a little lazy, loudmouthed and a religious fanatic. So let's come ...

To his religion. First of all, to join this religion one has to be both sadistic and masochistic. Sometimes you ram a scythe in your own stomach, on the other hand you have to perform complicated rituals with freshly killed people. Regarding Hidan, I suppose he doesn't screw women all the time because he's very pious. So if you have an OC you have to think a hell of a long time why Hidan just likes them and turns his back on his religion. Or you invent the rules, they were never clearly defined.

Finally, I have to say that Hidan is not very well thought out. I definitely recommend this forum post:

With that I turn to the second part.


II.) Kakuzu the just-not-Dagobert
There are the following character interpretations at Kakuzu:
- The "I'm so hard and nasty and fuck Hidan from behind, but I stay grumpy and addicted to money" -Kakuzu, who is characterized above all by the fact that he is extremely good in bed, but never wants to have sex. He's always annoyed and otherwise ... Well, otherwise he occasionally mentions money or how he killed someone during sexual intercourse, because he's so angry. This Kakuzu lives in the HQ and does nothing all day. He's not a bounty hunter, nor is he the longest member of Akatsuki who has several partners on his conscience. They are not mentioned and period. Tobi, Deidara and Hidan, whom he naturally likes and who raped every now and then, he hates abysmally, he skilfully ignores the other members.
- The "supporting role Dagobert Duck" -Kakuzu is very popular in O (O) C fanfictions and often sits in a corner while the action is taking place and counts money. Occasionally he gets a tantrum about Deidara / Hidan / Tobi because they bothered him and threatens around a bit. Otherwise he gets hysterical attacks because something breaks in the HQ (mostly because of these three) or drifts in his room because Mary Sue (or Sakura, the new member of the gang) needs a new bed and the like. Otherwise it is not mentioned.
- The “I'm not there” kakuzu is basically like Konan and Zetsu: it is ignored or does not exist. Don't ask about him! No, be quiet!

Of course, there are also mixed versions of our favorite accountant, I've already read two IC fanfictions about him, but these are the typical kakuzus you come across.
I hope that everyone who writes an FF about or with Kakuzu knows why this is not true. To those who don't know - just leave it.

Kakuzu is easily irritable, but he still thinks and does not let himself go completely. You can tell when he talks about cover or when he still keeps Akatsuki's goals and mission in mind during a fight. Nevertheless, it can happen that he totally freaks out, he has killed some of his partners.
One can infer his sense of duty from this, but since neither the reason why he joined nor what exactly he thinks about the organization is mentioned, this is more of an assumption.
He is very cruel, but you probably know that yourself. But you should always keep that in your head because it is particularly blatant with him. I also think his extremely old age is worth mentioning. He's definitely not interested in MTV in a figurative sense.
Of course he is very stingy and really earns money. But it's not easy for him, he goes on a bounty hunt for it, and he probably steals and robs too. BUT that money is so important to him has evolved in his relatively long life, and he is definitely not the type who sits in a corner for hours and jokes around hysterically, like Scrooge McDuck. Nor does he keep counting the money. I assume that he simply ADDED the amount and wrote it down somewhere. Sounds more logical, doesn't it?
What is often forgotten, but extremely important: Kakuzu has TWO tasks at Akatsuki. On the one hand he is the treasurer, on the other hand he is constantly patching up the members again. I think it's pretty impressive how he sews Deidara's arms back on. Both of them were crushed and one was even carried through a dimension. That means he has to understand the body, maybe you can go into that too!


III.) Coupling - honest?
There are exactly three reasons why I absolutely do not see this:
1. Kakuzu is over 91 and Hidan is 22. It's kind of gross, like a ninety-year-old marrying a nineteen-year-old. What exactly do they have in common / not in common? Most of all, most men without Viagara will at some point no longer enjoy sex as much ...
2. Of course, Hidan talks like a macho, but he is strictly religious and lives exactly according to the rules of his God. I don't know how that is in Jashin belief (no, it's not called Jashinism, even if that sounded better ^^ And no, no one says O my Jashin), but I don't think that it says fuck who you want . Something like “Above all, sacrifice gays and unclean idiots interested in earthly goods” if you compare that with other religions.
3. Kakuzu hates Hidan and it is mutual. They don't respect each other, they annoy each other, they probably never talk to each other if possible. Of course everyone comes with this love-hate relationship, which is supposed to be so great. And that would also suggest that Hidan is considering Kakuzu's outbursts. But let's be honest, does one of the two give the impression that they are into sex / love?
Of course it's a matter of taste, but I find it kind of ... strange.


IV.) Afterword
So that brings us to the epilogue. That took forever>. I think it would be great if you guys write who you want next.
And I thought to myself that I will write special chapters later, about the HQ and pairings and so on: D Say if you want to know something; D
Until then, thanks for 30 favos and 8 comments, the out-girliii
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