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Namecheap - Register domains anonymously

Register domains? Best provider: Namecheap!

Both Wolf and many of his colleagues have sworn by one of the best-known providers in the field of domain registration and hosting for years: Namecheap

Namecheap is not only a very reliable provider when it comes to buying domains and the subsequent administration, but also offers some other services such as Shared hosting, Reseller hosting and VPS hosting at. Furthermore, you have the option of certain domains completely to register anonymously (click).

Why register domains anonymously?

Anyone who wants to operate their domains anonymously due to lawyers who are furious with warnings or other unpleasant contemporaries can activate the “Who's Guard” for certain domains (country domains do not work). Registering anonymously is not necessarily about getting protection for any illegal activities. The webmaster business is (if it is operated seriously) a 100% legal affair to which one can also stand with a clear conscience. However, it has become very difficult for a non-lawyer to maintain an overview due to constantly changing laws, legal subtleties and the always given scope for interpretation, which is actually actually 100% compliant with the law. And in order not to waste your precious time with these things, there is the option of anonymous registration.

Which domains can be registered anonymously on Namecheap?

As already mentioned, only so-called country domains can NOT be registered anonymously.

So domains with the endings .de, .at, .ch cannot be registered anonymously!

All other endings such as: .info, .com, .me, .biz, can be registered anonymously! So if someone enters your address on whois.com, they will not see your name but a protective address, which mostly refers to Panama.

UPDATE: Since the start of the GDPR in May 2018, Namecheap's anonymization service can be used free of charge. This has to do with the fact that, due to the changed data protection laws, one way or another no website owners can be seen from outside at the registration offices. Namecheap could therefore no longer argue additional costs here.