What does parsing mean in programming

Android parsing error: "There was a problem parsing the package"

As a parsing, this will be Dividing larger data packets into machine-understandable parts Roger that. Before, for example, mobile apps or computer programs can be installed, special parsers must first break down the data package of the app to be installed into small information modules in order to derive instructions for the processor. Because data packets as such are completely incomprehensible to operating systems. If an operating system such as Android is not explicitly told how to handle a package by means of a request for action, it cannot do anything with the data. After breaking the packets down into understandable individual parts, the parsers analyze the individual pieces of information and assign meanings to them. So in a certain way, parsing denotes the Understanding process of a computer. Here is an illustrative example:

At first, a computer cannot do anything with the exemplary calculation 31 x 53 + (2∏). In order to find out which operations are to be carried out, you must first use parsing the individual components of the equation be determined:

The various components can now be combined much more easily Attributed importance become. So the parser can use the Structure of the equation and derive the meanings below so that the processor understands, for example, that "x" and "+" are mathematical operators.

The parsing processes carried out by the Android operating system when the user has downloaded a data package and would like to install it are similar, but much more complex. What exactly happens and why can errors occur during parsing?