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Why do people with Down syndrome love pop music?

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Helene Fischer, Beatrice Egli and Andrea Berg have many fans with Down syndrome. Why is that? Why do almost all people with Down syndrome like pop music?

Anna-Lisa Plettenberg is a big Schlager fan.
And she can also explain why:

"I like the Schlager songs because it's about love and feeling. I listen to pop music when I relax.
And even when I go to the disco, I sometimes hear hits. "

Anne Feldmann also finds Schlager music relaxing.
She dictates:

"I think music is important.
For me, music means relaxing and forgetting the stress of the week.
I have a lot of music CDs and I enjoy listening to a lot of music on the train or at home.
I dance in front of the stereo and sing along loudly.
When I get home, I go to my room and turn on the stereo.
Breathless through the night is my favorite song.
When I have grief or worries, I need music. "

And Achim Reinhardt also finds Schlager comforting.
He writes:

"Consolation package for myself: If I need consolation, I would like a package with a heart made of chocolate grape nut, pictures of Marietta Slomka and an admission ticket for Helene Fischer.
I like folk music and hits. "

Jeanne-Marie Mohn's answer to the question of why pop music is much clearer:

"I listen to Schlager because I think it's awesome.
Schlager are just great songs for me.
Why do I like Schlager?
Because I'm a Schlager fan. It's just great music - I really go crazy. "

But that's not the case for all people with Down syndrome.
Damian Bright doesn't think Schlager is bad - but it doesn't knock him off his stool either.
He dictates:

"Beatrice Egli already has nice songs with her, I can say so.
In general, I like different types of music. "

And Andreas Rubin puts it on the record:

"I'm not the hit type."

So it is ultimately the same as with everyone else: a matter of taste.