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Cary Grant lived and worked in the 20th century. He was born in 1904. His generation includes Bob Hope (1903–2003) and Lilian Harvey (1906–1968). Grant experienced his childhood and youth in the 1900s and 1910s. During his lifetime, among others, Contemporaries such as Sean Connery (1930–2020), Elizabeth Taylor (1932–2011) and Alfred Hitchcock (1899–1980). Cary Grant's lifespan is 82 years. He dies in 1986 during the Cold War.

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Cary Grant was born in the same year as John Gielgud, Johnny Weissmüller, Jean Gabin and Peter Lorre.

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What was the real name of Cary Grant? The name "Cary Grant" is an artist name or pseudonym. His real real name was Archibald Alexander Leach.

What Year Was Cary Grant Born? Grant was born 117 years ago in 1904.

What day was Grant born? Cary Grant's birthday was January 18th in the winter. He was born on a Monday. This year, his birthday also fell on that weekday.

In which zodiac sign was Grant born? Cary Grant was born in the western zodiac sign of Capricorn. According to the Chinese horoscope, he was born in the year of the rabbit (element of water).

Where was Cary Grant born? Grant was born in Western Europe in the British Isles. He was born in Bristol, England.

When did Grant die? Cary Grant died 35 years ago in the 1980s on November 29, 1986, a Saturday.

How old was Cary Grant? Cary Grant was 82 years, 10 months and 11 days old.

How old would Cary Grant be today? If Cary Grant were still alive, he would be 117 years old today. He was born exactly 42,860 days ago.

How tall was Grant? Cary Grant was about 1.87 meters tall.

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Bristol - England

Cary Grant was born in Bristol, England and died in Davenport, Iowa, United States.

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