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HK G11


The rifle G11 is an assault rifle from the German weapons manufacturer Heckler & Koch, which was developed between 1968 and 1990. Instead of normal ammunition, the weapon uses special caseless ammunition with a caliber of 4.73 x 33 mm.

HK G11

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Single fire, 3-shot mode, continuous fire
At the end of the 1960s, when the introduction of new calibers for handguns was being discussed in the Bundeswehr, several companies received study contracts for new weapon concepts from the Ministry of Defense. The following characteristics were given:
  • small caliber,
  • compact design,
  • low susceptibility to failure,
  • easy handling,
  • great accuracy.

Absolute functional reliability was a decisive factor for the Ministry of Defense, and in order to achieve this, it was also possible to compromise on precision. In the course of the first development attempts it became clear that the required properties could not all be combined in a handgun of conventional design. It was decided to develop a new weapon that should meet the criteria of precision and accuracy, especially through caseless ammunition and the floating locking system in the weapon. The visor should be a reflex sight. The first prototypes were presented in October 1971, which still used the 4.9 mm caliber and a side feed for ammunition. However, the two systems proved the fundamental feasibility of the required features. In 1974 Dynamit Nobel switched the production of caseless ammunition to 4.3 mm, which set the production of new prototypes back by a few months. The armed forces certified the weapon as being suitable for troops in 1990. After the reunification of Germany, however, it was decided not to introduce the weapon into the Bundeswehr. The rifle's technology was licensed by AAI Corporation for the Lightweight Small Arms Technologies program in 2004.

Equipment [edit | Edit source]

  • Total length: 752 mm
  • Total height: 290 mm
  • Overall width: 58-64 mm
  • Weight (not loaded): 3.8 kg
  • Barrel length: 540 mm

Technical data [edit | Edit source]

  • Caliber: 4.73 x 33 mm
  • Rate of fire: Fully automatic: 500 rounds / min
  • Burst mode: ~ 2,000 rounds / min
  • Visor: reflex visor, ZF
  • Closure: roller closure

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