Egg bagels are gluten-free

Mexican egg bagel with cheese, pumpkin flower soup and more live at - Straight to the Palate - 2021

The new year has already started and the routine has quickly established itself in our houses. Gone are the family get-togethers and Christmas vacation meals by next year. We say goodbye to excesses and in terms of diet and nutrition, it is time to with healthy recipes for everyday use return to good habits .

Our colleagues from Directo al Paladar México know a lot about whose releases over the past seven days are full of originality and taste, and we're going to review them well today.

We'll start with a recipe with a name as exotic as delicious and soothing : Pumpkin flower soup with corn and mushrooms. A recipe that make us warm should and is appreciated at this time of year. It is characterized by drops in temperature and where the cold gets into our bones. Also perfect for keeping the flu away.

We continue with two salty cakes that are very easy to prepare but they let the whole family enjoy them because of their delicious results. One of them is in the form of Roquefort and Mozzarella pizza, intense and tasty, and the other in the form of spinach quiche, healthy and nutritious. Both are booked for our dinner this week.

today is missing it not the chicken because there are three recipes that we are going to show you. With a very Mexican cut, we are offering some of you who are fans of the gastronomy of our friends across the pond some chicken pancakes in chili sauce. Contrary to what it may seem, it's a recipe that is easy to prepare and perfect to surprise in one of our daily meals.

Although maybe the classic flavors and combinations, as we present them to you in these chicken breast fillets with creamy mushroom sauce, are an essential part of all recipes. We also offer cannelloni filled with chicken, which can be used as a starter or as a single dish, accompanied by a refreshing light salad.

We say goodbye to our stroll through Mexican countries with the Mexican-style bagel with cheese that illustrates today's cover. A informal snack that we can prepare for breakfast when we've got hungry and want an energetic shot, or at dinner. No matter what time of day we choose, it will surely take us straight to heaven.

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