What are the biggest myths about tourists

The biggest myths about sunbathing

Unfortunately, sunburn is a constant companion in summer and sunshine. The travel portal urlaubshamster.at illuminates the most common myths about sunbathing and gives valuable tips.

Vienna (OTS) - The temperatures of the last few weeks suggest: Summer is approaching with great strides. With the rising temperatures you should think about the right sun protection. Because incorrect application or too much sun exposure can lead to premature skin aging or pigmentation disorders.

The travel portal Urlaubshamster.at has taken a closer look at the biggest myths about sunbathing and explains which ones are true or which one can safely be forgotten.

You don't get sunburn in the shade

Not correct. Up to 80% of the radiation intensity is reflected from sand, water or buildings. Sunshades or clouds do not keep the UV rays out either, so you should apply lotion in the shade.

Sunscreen is destroying the sea

Correct. According to the American marine authority NOAA, thousands of tons of sunscreen end up in the ocean and can destroy the coral reef ecosystem. The ingredients benzophenone-3 (also called oxybenzone) and octocrylene, which are contained in four out of five European sun protection products, are responsible for this. In some regions, such as Hawaii, they want to ban sunscreens with these ingredients.

Pre-tanning in the solarium? Faster tan with suntan oil? Does red actually turn into brown? And how do I protect my children?

Urlaubshamster.at answers these and other questions under this link

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