How do people get slaves from the Illuminati

Coronavirus conspiracy theories : The shabby, the deadly and the suckers

Some naturopaths recommend drinking bleach. Then you are immune to the virus. Others claim that there is no virus at all: everything is staged to enslave humanity. Or to divert attention from an economic crisis. Or arrest Angela Merkel.

Many of the conspiracy theories that are circulating about Corona these days are so hair-raising that it is hard to imagine anyone could take them seriously. In fact, they are distributed thousands of times via social networks and messengers. From esotericists and businessmen, from religious fanatics and right-wing extremists, but also from people who are apparently simply insecure.

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The consequences are very real. Not only do conspiracy theories tempt you to disregard sensible security measures, thereby endangering yourself and others. They can also stir up hatred of minorities, endanger medical care, and incite concrete acts of violence. All of this has happened in the past few days.

The sequence of numbers that protects against the virus

As a rescue from Corona, the distribution of onions in the room is recommended in the network. Faith healers offer remote treatment for several hundred euros, stating that the virus can be rendered harmless through intensive thinking. A woman from Fulda, who claims to be a “spiritual surgeon” and “liveliness advisor”, calls on the population to hang up notes with the letters “537354”. She wants to have received this “magic formula from beings from the invisible world”. The woman recommends: "Write the numbers everywhere, especially in public areas where there are many people", for example in train stations or shopping streets. The number can “shine and work everywhere”.

There are concerns about it from a guru from Russia. He asserts that the correct combination of numbers to protect against Corona is "4986489".

Not a virus, but radiation from radio masts

It is no coincidence for conspiracy theorists that the spread of Covid-19 began in Wuhan, China. After all, there are a lot of masts for the new 5G cellular frequency. The radiation alone is responsible for the symptoms, a virus does not exist. Why people get sick in 5G-free countries like Iran is not explained. In the UK, 5G critics have set fire to several cell towers in the past few days. By the way, before the outbreak of the corona crisis, the critics had long warned that the side effects of radiation included, above all, hair loss and skin rashes. There is no longer any question of that.

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The creation of the "New World Order"

Many conspiracy theorists believe that the pandemic was planned for a long time and staged by evil forces in the background in order to introduce a "New World Order" (NWO for short). The goal is the enslavement of humanity. In return, the people behind it sought mass vaccinations, the abolition of cash, surveillance and curfews - and sold these to the population as security measures against Corona. This idea is popular in right-wing extremist circles and especially among anti-Semites, who then suspect Jews or supporters of Israel to be the backers. The right-wing esotericist David Icke is considered the pioneer of the theory - the man also warns of extraterrestrial reptiles that infiltrate humanity. A 44-year-old American derailed a train in Los Angeles last week. He wanted to ram a hospital ship in the port on which Covid 19 patients are officially treated. In his opinion, however, the ship was part of an attempted overturn. He told the FBI that he wanted to wake up the population with his act.

"It is heading towards the 5th dimension"

Specialists like the self-proclaimed consciousness researcher Bruno Würtenberger again suspect the exact opposite: What is currently happening in the world is something positive. The supposed chaos is used to remove evil rulers and their backers (also known as Illuminati and Satanists) from power worldwide. The good forces who do this are at the same time building a “humane, loving system” in which nobody has to go hungry and wars are superfluous. In short: "It is heading towards the 5th dimension." The shutdown of public life was only ordered "so that we do not stand in the way when things are being cleaned up". Oh yes: According to Bruno Würtenberger, the Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa are also really Satanists. Incidentally, no one actually has to be infected with the corona virus: You can "control natural vibration, then nothing comes to you".

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Celebrities are being arrested!

As proof of the above theory, every new report according to which a politician goes into quarantine applies: The person did not come into contact with a virus at all, but part of the evil ruling elite - and was now rightly arrested in the course of the cleanup. Angela Merkel, Prince Charles and Boris Johnson have already been hit, including actor Tom Hanks and singer Pink (the entertainment industry has always been a haven of satanic forces in the scene). The fact that those allegedly arrested - like Angela Merkel this week - are returning to the public after their quarantine is being ignored. Or explained by another theory: The German Chancellor, it is said, has now been replaced by a doppelganger.

Tortured children for looking young

The huge hospital ship that has arrived in New York also fits in with the alleged arrests of evil backers: According to conspiracy theorists, it is not supposed to treat infected people, but hundreds of now rescued children who had previously been tortured by the elites for years. The abuse, in turn, would have meant that the children poured out the adrenaline breakdown product adrenochrome. This serves politicians like Hillary Clinton and other Satanists as an elixir of rejuvenation. The adrenochrome horror story is also spread on the Internet by German-speaking accounts with a wide range. The label of the German rapper Kollegah (it belongs to him) advises on YouTube to deal with the topic and to exchange ideas with "experts in the field" - and then refers to a right-wing blogger who has been sharing perfidious conspiracy theories for years. Xavier Naidoo also believes in fairy tales. In his latest video, he cries with happiness because of the "saved children":

Trump as the savior of humanity

Conspiracy theorists, who assume a fight of good forces against bad elites, see US President Donald Trump as a savior who bravely opposes the elites. His much-criticized crisis management also makes sense: For example, Trump only ordered fewer corona tests than other heads of state because the tests themselves make people sick.

The Jews are to blame

Anti-Semites are using the corona crisis to spread what they already believe in in a new way. The Jews had either spread the virus in order to decimate their enemies, or spread the rumor of a pathogen that did not actually exist in order to panic and thus control humanity. Centuries-old anti-Semitic motifs of the Jew as a well poisoner, child eater and greedy string puller are given a new look. The news that Israeli scientists are working intensively on a vaccine is also seen as evidence of the guilt of the Jews: whoever invented the virus could of course conjure up a vaccine at any time. Right-wing extremists also call for targeted coughing on Jews and thus infecting them.

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He's a doctor, he should know

If someone is not known as a ufologist and faith healer, but on the contrary has a serious vita, he is taken more seriously. That is why the doctor Wolfgang Wodarg, who used to be a medical officer and once sat in the Bundestag for the SPD, found a lot of attention at the beginning of the pandemic. His message: "Coronaviruses are not the problem." There is no need to "be afraid" of the disease. The situation in the hospitals is completely normal - and there is “nothing at all to suggest that anything could come”. Wodarg criticizes the fact that the football stadiums have been closed and major events such as trade fairs have been canceled. He considers the fact that someone should be quarantined because of a positive coronavirus test as "senseless imprisonment".

Scientists are appalled by Wodarg's messages. A well-founded analysis of which false statements he makes, which facts he ignores and which wrong conclusions he draws can be found here. On the other hand, Wodarg is celebrated among conspiracy theorists. Thanks to him, they can claim that real doctors are also convinced of the harmlessness of the virus.

The White Brotherhood Plan

The popular Swiss medium Nancy Holten questioned strangers about Corona during a channeling - and claims to have received the message of a certain “White Brotherhood”. The brotherhood says they sent the coronavirus as a "trial run" so people could learn to stay calm in unpredictable situations.

There is a good reason for this: According to the Brotherhood, humanity will soon reach a new level. Then the consciousness of the people will open, which leads to another “auric field”. This in turn means that all electrical devices around the world no longer work. So that people can cope with this, they are now being given the trial run. You don't have to worry about those who die of Covid-19, says Nancy Holten - because they had "already agreed to go" beforehand.

Jesus hates you

Many preachers of Christian currents and sects consider the coronavirus to be God's just punishment. The legalization of abortion or gay marriage would have angered him. For Michael Arndt, the Russian Orthodox Archbishop of Berlin and Germany, it is “no coincidence that the current catastrophe comes upon us during the Great Lent”. He, too, has identified possible culprits: including those who do not “acknowledge the God-given difference between man and woman”. The US evangelical Rodney Howard-Browne spreads a different theory: He is convinced that the warnings about Corona are merely an attempt to persuade people to take fatal vaccinations in order to reduce the world's population. Therefore he orders his believers to shake hands with each other.

The secret connection between Corona and Kobe Bryant

The theory persists that the death of US basketball player Kobe Bryant is related to the corona pandemic. The evidence is overwhelming. For example, Bryant was buried in Newport Beach, California - in the neighborhood called "corona del Mar ”. If you let Google translate the term “Covid” into Hebrew and then back into English, you get: “Kobe”. Advanced players even want to recognize parallels between a logo that the basketball player designed for a sneaker collection 16 years ago and an illustration of the corona virus. The similarity is striking:

Nostradamus knew - or at least Madonna?

If an unforeseen event occurs anywhere in the world, esotericists search the writings of the French pharmacist Nostradamus and hope to find evidence there that he knew about it and prophesied it. The man, bourgeois Michel de Notredame, wrote hundreds of short poems in the 16th century, which are so flowery and vague that with a lot of imagination you can retrospectively put some things into them. He is also said to have predicted the corona pandemic, and - for his circumstances - sensationally concrete. Nostradamus warned of a "twin year" (2020) in which a "queen" (Corona) will come from the east and destroy the world economy.

The truth is: there is simply no such passage in the writings of Nostradamus. Someone came up with it and distributed it on social networks. If you want, you can see for yourself: All of Nostradamus' poems can be viewed here and easily browsed using the search function.

Others claim pop singer Madonna predicted the pandemic. During her unsuccessful appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, Madonna wore a crown (Latin: Corona), her dancers wore respirators. And the unequivocal line of the song: "Not everyone is coming to the future."

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