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Most beautiful golden CSGO skins

The combination of rare precious metals and rare skins is something special. Gold is one of the substances that give objects an extraordinary expression. The effect of golden CSGO skins is indescribable. Some of them are so impressive that you want them right away. Enjoy with us golden weapon skins CSGO and enjoy their shine and elegant beauty.

Gold fever

Humanity has always valued rare items. Sparkling diamonds, shining gemstones, fine fabrics, aromatic spices. People have always wanted the best and were willing to pay the price for it.

However, owning and preserving do not go hand in hand. The more we ask for something, the tighter it gets. With scarcity, so do desire and price.

Gold continuously plays the leading role among desirable goods. Gold is beautiful, expensive and gives the owner a certain status. But not only the aesthetics or the reputation determine the value. Let us think of oil, platinum or rainforest, which also belong to limited resources. Their importance lies in the fact that they have special properties that are useful for humans. Industry, fintech, electronics and medicine are on the lookout for valuable materials that can be used for special purposes. Diamond cut glass, platinum is used for dental implants and also the benefits of gold are numerous.

Gold has good conductivity, is corrosion-resistant and easy to process. That is why it is used in the construction of satellites and microchips. It is suitable as an investment and jewelry. The metal has always been so sought-after that numerous gold-greedy people have sacrificed their lives for it. In this shining shine and ornate design, beauty and horror are concealed at the same time. The value of this limited resource will remain until we master the art of alchemy and start making gold in the laboratory.

The fascination with rare CSGO skins has a similar origin - the rarity of occurrence. In the past, knights, warriors or leaders have gilded their weapons to underline their status. Ingenious armourers made strange pieces that were of inestimable value and unmistakable beauty. The most beautiful golden weapons in the world belonged to the greatest war criminals and drug barons. When it comes to hunting weapons, Arab sheikhs are particularly known for their propensity for gold. Nobody would question the fact that it is just nice to have a particularly rare piece of weaponry. So in real life as well as in play. That's why we're interested in rare skins that aren't just gray. We need something more. What only a golden CSGO weapon can offer.

All that glitters is not gold

Out of a fascination for gold, some skin creators have embellished their work with gold sheen and thus CSGO created golden skins. There are 2 types of CSGO skins:

  • Skins that have gold-colored alloys in whole or in part
  • Skins that are completely gold or decorated with gold.

Let's look at both skin types now:

Almost like gold

At first glance, some CSGO skins give the impression that they are made of gold. This is a different metal.

Copper colored CSGO weapon skins

The Five-SeveN | Copper Galaxy Although it shines golden, it has nothing to do with gold, because this pattern is made of copper. The metal flakes on the weapon shimmer differently depending on the lighting conditions.

Brass colored CSGO weapon skins

Also the Brass range, like Glock-18 | Brass, Tec-9 | Bras, SCAR-20 | Bras or PP-Bizon | Bras and MAC-10 Graven look like they're made of gold, even though the artists used a brass plating. Brass is a copper alloy with 40% zinc added.

Bronze colored CSGO weapon skins

The matter with the bronze pistol was similar Desert Eagle | Corinthianthat is without a doubt beautiful, not made of gold. This CSGO pistol is no longer in great demand. It's a shame, because it's very interesting. The design fits the weapon model very well and makes a wonderful impression. The weapon is part of the Talon collection by the artist Von.Bonelli-XII. He decided on the Corinthians alloy because it was already one of the most valuable in antiquity, as copper, gold and silver were added to the main component.

Gold, copper and silver

Some skins, like that Desert Eagle | Light rail use a mixture of different precious metals as coating gradients. The developer must have been very impressed by the small railways, as evidenced by the name and the choice of weapon type, the shape of which is reminiscent of an S-Bahn entering a train station.

All in gold

There are actually only three weapons that are made entirely of gold: Desert Eagle | Golden Koi, FAMAS | Commemoration and Lore knife. We were particularly impressed by one of them. We think it's fantastic and it's the best gold CSGO skin in our eyes. The processing of the surface is unbelievably great. And the occasion for which the artist created this skin needs to be briefly mentioned here. The artist Ezykils dedicated this skin to the 20th anniversary of Counter Strike. The game that, thanks to the global community and teamwork, has lasted for so many years and continues to celebrate success. Ezykils had taken a weapon from the anti-terrorists for it, because for him they are the real heroes of the game, because they save the world from vicious terrorist troops.

For this reason we find a symbol on the weapon body for the team play of the anti-terrorist unit, which defuses a bomb. Behind the fighters is the stylized CT symbol. The characters represent 5 CT factions: FBI, SAS, GSG-9, IDF and ST6, from which the weapons appeared in Counter Strike. To commemorate the global community of CSGO players, the artist made a stylized world map. On the piston are the names of 7 CSGO cards, which have become permanent classics. Thanks to special processing technology, the weapon always looks shiny. The beautiful piece of CSGO history comes from the studio of a true CSGO lover. We give 10 points for this!

FAMAS | Commemoration

Price: A brand new FAMAS with StatTrak costs around $ 60.

Crate: CS 20

We mustn't forget the lore finish for weapons that are made entirely of gold. Among them are Good Knife | Lore, Flip Knife | Lore and Bayonet | Lore. These are the only knives with a blade made entirely of gold.

Golden ornaments

There are some weapons that have been warped with beautiful gold ornaments.

The Sawed Off created in this way both look like they escaped directly from a pirate film, although the first, Sawed-Off | Yorick, was inspired by Shakespeare's play - Hamlet - in which the skull of the dead Hoffmann Yorick is exhumed.

Sawed-Off | Yorick

Sawed-Off | Highwayman

Among weapons decorated with gold we find such as: Desert Eagle | Heirloom, Desert Eagle | Pilot, Desert Eagle | Bronze Deco, Dual Berettas | Cartel, G3SG1 | High Seas, M4A1-S | Knight, M4A4 | Royal paladin, M4A4 | Daybreak and Dual berettas | Royal Consorts.

We'd like to mention one more weapon that shouldn't be missing in the lineup of the best golden CSGO skins that M4A1-S | Golden coil. This skin was created as artfully as an embroidered kimono. However, there is no dragon on it, it is a snake.

Gold ... worth it

Skins that not only look cool but also tell a story are worth their weight in gold. It is worth investing in them as they are a piece of CSGO history and reflect the enormous diversity of the global CSGO community. The CSGO is a fantastic game that unites people and encourages creativity and teamwork. Artists from different corners of the world meet in CSGO and convey content that influences their artistic ideas.

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