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Indiana Tribune, Volume 27, Number 236, Indianapolis, Marion County, May 26, 1904 - Page 6


Jttdiana Zxibmit, May 2 IS

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European news. 'Maggots. Karlsruhe. .Altstadtrath factory owner L. Kautt, who was long commandant of the fire brigade, celebrated the golden wedding anniversary. The song wreath "and the fire brigade band serenaded. Attorney Schmidt fell into the Alb and drowned from here on the way home from Bulach. Friborg. The Grand Duke gave the member of the Baden regional committee and board of the local association of the German Fleet Association, General practitioner Dr. Fridolin Schinzinger, awarded the Knight's Cross, Second Class of the Order of the Zähringer Löwen. Constance. The 25-year-old wife of the foreman Bayer, who is in position at the district building inspection, recently hit her husband with a hand ax after a short exchange of words on the head that Bayer was immediately taken to the hospital. There the unfortunate died of his injuries without having regained consciousness. The man probably struck that night too, because the woman had an injury on her forehead. The perpetrator often drank 20 to 25 bottles of beer during the day. Mingolsheim (Bruchfal). Der Soh n Karl des, the game warden Weigand recently went hunting with his father. In the Langenbrücker Walde he separated from his father and soon after met a former poacher with whom he had an exchange of words. After a short argument the rascal pushed the knife repeatedly into his under-! body. The injured man was taken to the academic hospital in Heidelberg. Pfaffenweilsr. The unmarried, 22-year-old Otto Vöfch injured the unmarried, 25-year-old bricklayer Mathias EckerZe on the local street after a previous exchange of words with a beating on the head so badly that he died. The perpetrator was arrested and taken to the local official prison. Riegel (Emmendingen). An original known throughout the Kaiserstuhl was recently buried here, Fr. 36. Franz. The brave 83-year-old man was only called the music Xaverle, because in addition to his farming profession, he was eager to practice music and numerous students in this art teaching tete. Wheinpfarz. S p e y e r. After 53 years in the school service (42 years of which in the local city), teacher Jakob Berger retired. N e u st a d t a. H. 'The recent arrest of the Pforzheim-born wine merchant Alfons Siegele from here by the investigative judge of the Frankenthal regional court, connected with the confiscation of more than 50,000 liters of wine, is due to the fact that Siegele named buyers of the surrogates he obtained among them. Has refused lactic acid. Siegele is said to have obtained surrogates in such significant quantities that it seems quite impossible that he only used them in his own cellars in Neustadt and Edenkoben. The grounds for suspicion against Siegele have grown to such an extent that Siegele, who had previously been interned in the city hospital, has now been transferred to the remand prison of the FranZenthal Regional Court. Pirmasens. In the Botzung'schen quarry on Simter Strasse 5 workers were busy with blasting. Since the fuse threatened to fail, it was decided to look for the cause, and for this purpose climbed the scaffolding. The fuse, which, due to the wet weather, had taken a little long to transmit the fire, ignited at that moment and the right foot cracked. The now falling rock masses buried 5 workers under themselves. The head of the stone crusher Nikolaus Pfeifer from Fischbach near Schönau was completely torn off. The stone crusher brothers Dillmann, Flecker and Zwick were seriously injured. They were brought to Z Spital, where 21 year old Johann Dillmann died. "All victims of the accident are married and have: families with up to 10 people." Grsaß-LotSringen. Strasbourg. Manufacturer Emll Herzog in Logelbach, the owner of the large establishment Herzog-Logel-dach, died at the age of 77. C h a t e u - S a l i n Z. During the work to enlarge the local district headquarters, the entire western side collapsed, fortunately without endangering human life. Diedenhofen. A terrible accident occurred at the freight yard near Nieder - Jentz. Rotten workers were employed in one of the tracks, who had to avoid an arriving freight train. Two workers who stepped into a track on which a locomotive

Motives of the repulsed wagon arrived, were run over and terribly beaten up. Two legs of the 20-year-old worker Orth were struck; he soon gave up the ghost of it. Worker Weichert had a leg and arm run off, and there are doubts that it will occur. F instin gen. The appointment of the Medical Council Dr. Köster here to the district doctor in Saarburg has become perfect. Metz. The unmarried Anna Becker, a former waitress, was found dead in her apartment at 32 Stations Strasse, and most recently she had a furnished room. R e m i l l y. On April 3rd, marine soldier Georg Klein from Remilly near Metz died the heroic death in a battle near Okaharui (South West Africa). Meckrenburg. Schwerin. In Kleinostheim in Lower Franconia, the pastor there, Pastor Engelbert Borgmann, died as a result of a heartbeat. He was born in Schwerin on December 19, 1854 and was ordained a priest in 1879. B o i z e n b u r g. Worker Tiedemann from Wiebendorf fell from the wagon when the horses approached, broke his cross and lay hopelessly down. C r i v i tz. The worker Geertz, who was employed in the Schulz sausage factory and was busy loading a cart, suffered a life-threatening fracture of the skull because, when the horses suddenly attracted, his head fell under a wheel. Dear, row. In Schützenstrasse, the cow feeder Pingel, who was employed by the Ackerbürgerwittwe Schmidt, fell while pushing straw from the beams onto the barn floorboard and lay there unconscious. He suffered a severe fracture of his skull, so that his recovery is in doubt. Recalculation. While driving the gravel in Warsow the local worker F. Schultz got under the car; the chest was pressed in. Schultz died in the hospital. R o st o ck. The Secret Medical Council Professor Thierftlder, who was a member of the teaching staff at the local university from 1L55 to 1901, has died. A chemistry student, the son of a respected factory owner, was sentenced in Halle for stealing. After becoming active in a relationship, he indulged in a reckless lifestyle. When he disconnected, he took their savings book and withdrew 100 marks from it, giving a receipt in his name. The father, as he explained to the court with great sadness, would have liked to replace the sum and to indemnify the connection in every respect, but the latter immediately filed a complaint without notifying him, and so he was unable to put the shame on himself. The son was condemned to sing. . The wealthy New Jork businessman Abby A. Vlodgett is not very big in toilets, but she does develop a very fine taste for books. The lady had a copy of Shakespeare produced for no less than $ 78,000 and is said to be a wonderful work of printing and bookbinding. Every initial letter that indicates a new page is made of gold, every page is bordered with gold, and watercolors are scattered throughout the book. The lady has also bought a Dickens, which costs 5,130,000, so $ 1,000 per band. Your two children are now trying to get the courts to appoint a guardian for the lady. A) The question as to whether Berlin wheat beer is available was raised by an expert report submitted by Professor Rupp from the Technical University in Karlsruhe. He was summoned as an expert to a foreign court hearing, where a beer publisher was being tried for beer whipping, and gave his opinion that the Berlin wheat beer sent in barrels arrived in spoiled condition and was to be equated with drip beer. The association of Berlin wheat beer breweries has now decided to raise the strongest protest against this report. It is declared that the expert made an error. It is claimed that the Berlin wheat beer can be sent not only to all parts of Germany, but also to other countries without the quality suffering. However, it does happen that at great distances during the summer the carbonic acid contained in the beer escapes and that the brew has to be refreshed before it is drawn off. But that also happens with the Pilsener Vier, which are obtained from Bohemia, and can be easily achieved by adding yeast. Incidentally, the strong increase in the EzPort of the Berliner Weissbier proves that the opinion often expressed earlier that the Berliner Weissbier only survives shipping in bottles and not in barrels is not valid.

Drastic means. "If active wives were punished in the German Middle Ages. The administration of criminal justice in the German Middle Ages, however harsh it was in general, also has some humorous features that show us the otherwise gloomy countenance of the strict Frau Themis in a more friendly way For example, in some of the torture chambers that have survived from that time there is a strange device that looks something like a barrel, is painted with brightly colored pictures on the outside and has a hole on the upper side, big enough to hold you This instrument was called the bandage coat and was preferably intended to be put around the neck and shoulders of wicked women who had attacked their husbands as punishment. On Sundays the unfortunate had to be put on with the wooden sorrow Standing at the church door mocked by the whole congregation. By the way, this shameful cloak was still considered a relatively minor punishment, eh Often one punished physical abuse, with which a wicked seven had wronged her husband, incomparably more sensitive. Such a harsher punishment for violent wives formed z. V. the donkey ride, a very widespread use that was still practiced in St. Goar on the Rhine until 1804. Here the owner of the Grondelbacher mill received two fathoms of wood every year in return for the obligation to provide the donkey on which the women, if beaten to their husbands, had to ride backwards through the city, while the clerk read the verdict on the public streets after the drum had made the man of the law heard with his drum. Then - hooting and screaming, the crowd, held back by the city servants only with difficulty in attacking those who had already been severely punished, retreated through all the streets of the village to the prison. In Darmstadt and in the surrounding towns we encountered the custom of the donkey ride "until the 17th century. Students as abstainers. The Tübingen university professor Dr. v. Grützner, an avid supporter of efforts to be moderate, has all academic connections at the University of Tübingen the poll directed whether they 'accommodate abstainers.' Of 32 connections with 1037 members, 6 connections with 212 members answered yes "; 8 connections with 333 members make the admission of abstainers dependent on certain conditions; 9 connections with 201 members answered the question in the negative, mostly with the reference that student life and Complete abstinence could not be reconciled. 3 connections with 83 members did not take a position on principle, 6 gave no answer at all with 141 members. From the results of the survey, Professor Dr. v. Grützner concludes that even in student circles the efforts of moderation Tamoan tattoo patterns. The tattoo patterns of the Samoans show no confused crooked lines and irregular flourishes; the horizontal lines predominate, which in the varied arrangement of the simplest motifs on the man's body from the hips to the knees Create the impression that you are wearing it tightly ende trousers; The first Samoan observer, Behrens, 'seriously made the erroneous claim that they wore fine brocade trousers. With the girls, the aim of appearing coquettish through the delicacy and style of the patterns plays a major role; therefore they also tattoo the backs of the hands, which remain facing the spectators during the seated dances; The continuous broad lines or surfaces are also missing here; a colorful little airy ornament of dots and lines is scattered over the skin like lace. Mouse as a cause of panic. During a theater performance in Philadelphia, a woman in the gallery suddenly jumped from her seat with a terrible scream. She had been frightened by a mouse, but convinced herself so that those seated next to her were frightened and someone screamed fire. "Immediately the audience began to rush towards the exits. Several women passed out and four children were injured in the crowd "In the meantime it had been determined that there was no fire anywhere; the actors now calmed the audience down and let the orchestra play in a funny way. Then the audience returned to their seats and the performance continued. Artificial fertilizers and game. On the countess." Pappenheim'fchen feudal lordship of Moravia near Monheim, Bavaria, the meadows had been sprinkled with artificial fertilizer. - The consequence of this is that the entire deer population that had hitherto been carefully cherished threatens to perish! Until recently, over 60 dead animals had already been found.

The good heart. Humoresque by C. A. Hennig. "A good heart is a luxury, my former boss used to always freeze when I was still with him as an assistant editor, only to add with particular emphasis: For a newspaper publisher, however, it is downright a crime against common sense." "I don't want to argue with him about it, the cool lawn has long since covered him and" I am my own master who can even afford a luxury here and there ". But I couldn't help thinking of it when I entered the editorial office this morning and saw a whole mountain of broken-in manuscripts waiting to be dealt with. Well, why not, an editor has nothing else to do. So I lit a cigar and got down to work. I was about halfway through when a somewhat battered envelope attracted my particular attention. I opened it with a certain curiosity: a little novel with four pages, let's see. Such short things have the advantage that neither the author nor the reader is too strenuous. The story wasn't bad, it was pure average, but still average. The

means something in the present state of German literature. I want to see who the sender is first. Dear editor! Enclosed I am sending you a small, self-experienced story with the request that you include it in your cherished sheet, if useful, and let me know afterwards. I would sincerely appreciate the print. Yours faithfully - Edmund Müller, currently in the Hohenried hospital. "So the man's name was Müller and he was in the hospital at the moment! And then he wrote down the present story, probably out of boredom or to make a small contribution to his sick budget. Well "There are still people in the world, even among newspaper editors, and so I accepted what I had sent in and charged a somewhat higher fee than usual. Then I went on with my occupation. But strange what I read and where I did I also looked, I always saw a barren, bare hospital room with a poor, helpless child in it, who might already be paying the hours until the postman brought him the hotter, longed-for message that he was accepting his little job.I remembered my own time when I, a deathly wounded defender of the Fatherland, had been lying in the Lazareth; How well a friendly look, a sympathetic handshake, or even a secretly smuggled good bite had done to me at that time! A formal emotion overcame me. Why shouldn't I do something else for my sick colleague? It is true that I did not suffer from excess, but I certainly had more than that. So I put on my donation pants, with the money I packed a pair of bottles of real Bordeaux, a delicate salami and a number of good smoldering sticks. If he does not smoke it now, he will smoke it when he is well again. They burn all the time! Then I wrote a few friendly lines about it and sent the editorial clerk to the post office with the package. As Hohenried was only two hours away, the answer arrived the next day. Mr. Müller thanked him in polite, if somewhat short, words for the fee and attachments that had been sent. Well, sick people are never particularly fond of writing and, knowing that I had done a good deed, my lunch tasted twice as good that day. On the following Sunday it happened to be wonderful weather, the thought suddenly occurred to me, how about it. because if you were to pay a visit to your sick colleague? An hour of stimulating conversation with a colleague could certainly not be unwelcome to him. So I set off and strolled leisurely to Hohenried. Visiting hours in the hospital were from three to five o'clock, as I learned in the inn where I had lunch. So I spent a leisurely siesta hour until it was time. In the hospital I was stopped in the proper manner and questioned. I want to visit a sick person. Name Müller, I said. I was then asked what was wrong with the miller in question. I didn't know, I replied, but I wanted to hope that the hospital would know. Approximately when he was admitted. I didn't know that either. I only knew that he was there, or had been there three days ago. Since that was very little what I knew, Ux officials fetched a long list, ran his finger up and down a series of names, then shook his head and said that he had not been sick for nineteen weeks. In the name of Müller in the institution

have been taken. So I must be wrong or have been mystified. I thanked him briefly and left. Yes, yes, mysticized! The official had found the right word in subtle harmlessness. He could have said cheated or fooled. Or even barbed over the spoon, it would all have been one. I took mail and drove home to drown my Grimm in my local pub. It is astonishing what ingenious means such a money-hungry poetic does not resort to to duped a trustworthy newspaper editor. In any case, the P. t. Müller, in agreement with my servant, gave up the hospital as a cover address, and I, innocent lamb, really fell for it. But just wait. You gallows, if you received my first shipment, you should also get my second. And the first thing I did the next morning was to write the following ironic epistle to Edmund Miiller, currently in the Hohenried hospital. My dear Mr! When I wanted to have the pleasure of visiting you on Sunday, I found. that I didn't find you. I now flatter myself that it was my excellent Bordeaux that cured you so quickly; but should you still feel any after-pains, I ask you to visit me soon. The rest of the noble material that I still have will surely help you on your feet extremely quickly and forever. You, etc. "That was a little satisfaction. The man at least knew that he had seen through. On this day too, my lunch was delicious. Of course I did not think in the slightest of receiving an answer to this letter, so I was all the more astonished I therefore, when on the next day, there was a letter from Hohenried under my arrival. Another should make sense of it. I hastily tore off the envelope and read: Your well-born! Has already alienated me from your custom, your fees in part to allow in kind, I am downright astonished that it seems to be customary.

to treat workers with injuries of the most confusing kind. I don't know, should I allow myself to draw any conclusions about the person and the mental sanity of your editor, or should I simply pass the matter over in silence. I think the latter will be the best and only inform you for your peace of mind that I have transferred the fee, as well as natural produce, the latter, after a careful examination of their harmlessness, to the substitute directed by me. Sincerely, Edmund Müller, Sanitätsrach, currently Deputy Director of the Hohenried Hospital. "Hmm, how did my boss say right away? Von der Schmiere. The director has been repeatedly and energetically warned by the members about back payments a very last appointment has already been set, and it expires tomorrow evening. He paces up and down his room extremely excited. What to do, what to do? At last he is enlightened. He sits down and writes the following note: Tomorrow morning, 10.30 am, t. lfr OlEvkAV ..4 V rt A fr S (1 vti i.; tuttt3iiiiii.vuin vii 1111,5, Baron Jutten, through the local railway yard. The members are asked, in order to offer a small ovation, as numerous as possible and to be found at the station in a dignified manner. "The director circulated this note to all the members. On the next day all the members of our Schmiere stood, each in his best Sunday best e, c. i. ortt-E-. re i c from ueni aynqvse. uiz before vjiiuiq fen the train, the director came last, apparently breathless, therefore panting. Everyone was amazed that he had come in his usual work clothes. But he exclaimed with well-pretended indignation: Look at my fine people! I had to move my best clothes down to the last, you didn't have to do this! You, who will remind me of the fee again in the next three weeks! "Only then did he say that the baron was not coming. The members saw how wrong they had done their poor director with their warnings. But he drank one more in the evening because he would have the next three weeks of rest because of his cunning. Theodore F. "SmUher skilful and reliable ... roofer ... pitch" and gravel roofs. Roofs made of asphalt and gilsonite. Enaros dealer in all kinds of roofing materials. Telephone : New 81, 301 West Maryland St. Southwest corner of Senate ve. And Maryland St.