Is Vienna popular in Great Britain

Where to buy England in Vienna

The British shops in Vienna are not entirely without the Royal Family. A local inspection in UK shops.

Vienna / duo. John Szewczuk actually ordered a batch of cookie jars with the likeness of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Then Szewczuk wanted to offer the new goods for sale in his British supermarket "Bobby's Foodstore" in Vienna's Schleifmühlgasse. But he never got the cans: “Will and Kate” devotional items were recently in short supply even in Great Britain.

So the “Bobby's” remains without nobility, but with over 1500 British (and American) products: orange jam in all variations, crisps with a vinegar flavor, cider in bottles and “haggis” in cans for the brave. These (minced) sheep or lamb innards are a specialty from Scotland. However, the English toast, which is diametrically opposed to Austrian black bread, is particularly popular - white bread, almost spongy and "so artificial that it has to taste different," says Szewczuk. The native Englishman opened the supermarket 15 years ago; initially only with a small assortment, whereby the demand has increased steadily over the years. Brits buy their staple foods here, Austrians those products "that they know from vacation," says Szewczuk.


Concrete furniture

In contrast to Szewczuk, Simon Tyrell has only had his “shop” for two years: In a workshop in Vienna Ottakring, Tyrell restores, designs and sells furniture - including from the United Kingdom ( One piece, for example, is very British, he says, and sits down on a low armchair with a footstool. British because you can sit comfortably in front of the fireplace and read a book with it.

In the back corner of the white-painted work rooms, Tyrell points to a solid, round wooden table: a creation by his former teacher Robert Heritage. A poison green plastic armchair also comes from one of his tutors, the designer Rodney Kinsman. Tyrell sometimes uses an unusual material for its own creations: concrete.

“I call myself a designer detective,” says the Londoner. But he does not reveal where he can find the furniture. Instead, he tells stories of his encounter with Prince Charles.

So the British shops in Vienna are not entirely without the Royal Family. In the “British Bookshop” on Weihburggasse, there are thrillers, novels, school books and classic English literature such as William Shakespeare on the shelves - but also calendars with pictures of the royal wedding couple. They would sell well, says managing director Michael Lock. Born in London, he has been working in the “Bookshop” for 18 years since the company was founded. Besides books, there are also teacups, cushions and ties there. Not decorated with pictures of "Will and Kate", but with opulent flowers and plaid.

("Die Presse", print edition, April 29, 2011)