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Tea with rum, also known as Jagatee, is the absolute favorite during après-ski at the ski hut. But you already know the new trend Tea AND rum? While the rum used to be poured into the tea, it is considered a sin in the food trend to mix the two components together. But why actually?

(Photo: Black Tea and Rum, Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

An Austrian classic is being redefined!

Mixing tea and rum looks back on a long tradition: around 200 years ago, hunters, foresters and forest workers are said to have enriched their tea with rum in winter in order to keep warm in the forest faster and longer in icy temperatures thanks to the alcohol. The drink was therefore soon referred to as “hunter's tea”. Today, black tea with Inländer rum, a traditional Austrian hot drink, is said to help skiers and hikers in particular to warm up. However, especially with good quality teas and rum, it is almost a shame to mix them, as the different aromas cannot fully develop here and the taste buds could no longer be sensitive enough to the taste of the rum due to the hot tea. Gourmets and gourmets therefore prefer to drink the two drinks separately in separate glasses in order to guarantee the full taste experience.

Try it yourself and be amazed!

Try it at home and experience how different you can taste the tea and rum all at once! The order is also important: first take a sip of the rum, enjoy the expressive taste and let the aromas develop on the palate. Then you take a sip of the tasty tea and let the different notes meet. Sip by sip an exciting drinking pleasure, paired with Austrian tea culture. You don't have to limit yourself to black tea, herbal, fruit and rooibos tea also go perfectly with certain types of rum!

Here I have a small selection for you that you can use as inspiration for a very personal tea & rum tasting:

Oriental vanilla

The rum. Mild with the aromatic taste of vanilla. The refined combination of alcohol and fragrant spices results in a delicious taste with sugary notes that are reminiscent of the old days.

Tea 1. Black tea with an intensive blend of cinnamon, pepper, cardamom, cloves and ginger based on the famous “Masala Chai” from India.

Tea & rum. The oriental spices cardamom and cinnamon in particular harmonize well with the sweet note of the rum and round off the taste.

Tea 2. A fine, tangy fruit tea with oriental ingredients such as hibiscus flowers and orange peel, refined with high-quality aromas of Far Eastern spices.

Tea & rum. The tea is sour with a sweet finish. In combination with the rum, a very pleasant taste develops that is reminiscent of punch with cinnamon, vanilla and fruit.


Classic chocolate

The rum. Woody with the unique taste of chocolate. The slightly tart, spicy notes of vanilla, cocoa and almond develop into wintery gingerbread and orange blossom aromas on the palate.

Tea 1. The strong and full-flavored black tea from Assam convinces with its long, classic finish and intense, copper-red cup.

Tea & rum. Strong black tea and tart, slightly woody rum together result in an unmistakable classic. The epitome of tea with rum.

Tea 2. Fine-tuned variation of rose hips, spruce needles, daisies, strawberry leaves, peppermint, blackberry leaves, raspberry leaves, sage leaves, quendel and linden blossoms.

Tea & rum. The infusion has a special "forest character", together with the rum the taste leaves a very pleasant, gentle, mild note on the palate.


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Have fun trying and experimenting!

Your Vanessa