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Kate Bush

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SurnameKate Bush
jobComposer, singer
star signlion
place of birthBexleyheath / Kent (Great Britain)
nationalityGreat Britain
size156 cm
marital statusmarried
Eye colorbrown

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Kate Bush is a headstrong person: The singer likes to spend years on new albums, she rarely gives interviews and she doesn't go on tour either.

The English singer and songwriter Kate Bush was born in the late 1950s. Her father is a doctor, the mother a nurse. As a teenager she got piano, violin and singing lessons. She starts writing her own poems early on and sets them to music later. In 1973 the singer met the guitarist of the band "Pink Floyd" through her brother. David Gilmour becomes one of the most important sponsors of Kate Bush - he records demo tapes with her and presents them on his own record label. When she was only 18, Kate Bush was offered her first record deal. In addition to writing the songs for the first album, she takes dance lessons from various teachers. At the beginning of 1978 "The Kick Inside" was launched. As the first British singer, Kate Bush made it into the top ten of the charts with her debut album within a very short time. At the urging of her record company, the singer released her second album "Lionheart" only a short time later. In 1979 Kate Bush goes on her first and only tour.

With her third album "Never For Ever" the singer is more successful again. She can implement her own ideas better and work more closely with her brother Paddy. A single from this album is the song "Babooshka". Although the follow-up albums are also selling well, the singer's record company rate them as a failure. Kate Bush therefore withdrew from the public for the time being at the beginning of the 1980s. Until 1986 she produced another album on her own: "Hounds of Love" means the singer's breakthrough in the USA. After that, Kate Bush only released four studio albums. In 2011 "50 Words for Snow" appears on which the singer can be heard together with Elton John and Stephen Fry.

Kate Bush has been nominated three times for a Grammy and twelve times for a Brit Award. The singer is dating guitarist Danny McIntosh. The couple have a son and live in London. Otherwise, little will be made public about Kate Bush's life - if it can be avoided, the singer will not give interviews.

In 2014 she returns to the stage with the concert program "Before The Dawn".

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