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How can I locate my cell phone?

From a technical point of view, it is actually no problem to locate a cell phone or smartphone. Normally the prerequisite: It must be switched on and receive. However, not everyone can and must do this for everyone. The cell phones of other people may only be located with their express consent; for your own device, it is practically sufficient to register with a corresponding service in advance.

Google and Microsoft

Owners of smartphones have a very good chance of not having to pay anything for the location of their mobile phone. Because anyone who uses Android as the operating system can locate their smartphone via the Google device manager. The prerequisite for this, however, is that Google can constantly access the location - which should be viewed critically from a data protection perspective. However, it is possible to delete your Google location history on a regular basis.

Microsoft works on a similar principle with the Windows Phone. The location services are activated under "Settings" and "Location". Here, too, it must be taken into account that Microsoft then always knows where you are with your device. However, if it has actually disappeared, it can be found on the website. After logging in, you have to click on your own name at the top right, then click on "Show account" and select the appropriate device on the new page.


If you want to find your iPhone or iPad, you need the Apple app "Find my iPhone". It must be installed and activated on the device and enables an iPhone to be found using other Apple devices. If you don't have another Apple device and want to use the Internet, log into the iCloud. In order for the interaction to work, consent must first be given on the iPhone in the iCloud that data from the "Find my iPhone" app may be saved. This can be found under "Settings", "iCloud", "Find my iPhone" and can be switched on there. The prerequisite is, by the way, that you have already logged into the computer with your Apple authentication code, otherwise this will be queried again - and you only get it with the iPhone, which would be gone in that case ...

In addition, many manufacturers of security or virus protection apps and, last but not least, smartphone manufacturers offer their own websites with location options.

Cellular provider location

Some wireless service providers also offer location services. In order for this to work in an emergency, you have to agree and confirm it before you lose your cell phone, e. B. through a code via SMS or the installation of an app. And of course that is only possible if the cell phone is still there. To do this, you should contact your mobile phone provider to find out more about services and conditions.

By the way, you should always contact the cell phone provider if your cell phone is lost - to block it.

Beware of subscription traps!

When looking for another location service, caution is called for, because there are also cost traps lurking on the market. Some providers take a monthly flat rate, some even several euros per week on a subscription. You have to be particularly vigilant if, for example, B. in ads means: "Free cell phone location". Likewise, if you should enter your mobile phone number on the website of a location service provider - in many cases, this is precisely a subscription trap. The best way to protect yourself against these is with a third-party lock.