What does he think about 1

Love Oracle - What does he think of me?

1st riderHe's thinking of telling you something urgent.2. cloverHe is happy and in love when he thinks of you.3rd shipHe's considering going on a trip with you.4th houseHe wants to spend more time with you at home5th treeHe needs time for the relationship to grow.6. cloudThere is a lot of confusion for him when he thinks about you.7. snakeHe thinks about you, but also about another woman. Competitor.8. coffinHe is seeking a deal on an issue in your relationship9. FlowersHe's thinking about buying you a present.10. ScytheHe's wondering whether to make a quick decision.11. TailThere are discussions and inconsistencies when he thinks about you.12th birdHe's talking about you and will be in touch with you soon.13th childHe wonders if a fresh start is the right thing to do.14. FoxHe's wondering if he can trust you.15. BearHe thinks that you are a caring and strong person.16th starHe can imagine beautiful things for your future.17. storkHe is looking for a change.18. DogHe sees you as a friend more than a partner19th towerHe'd rather be alone right now. He needs time for himself.20. ParkHe's wondering if he should go out with you.21. MountainHe thinks there are great obstacles between you.22nd wayHe thinks about whether you will go on your future path together.23. MiceHe's thinking of breaking up the relationship. Separation.24. HeartHe has strong emotions and thinks of you all the time.25th ringHe's wondering if he should bond with you longer.26th bookHe thinks you are mysterious.27th letterHe's considering whether to write you a message28th manAt the moment his thoughts are related to himself.29. Ms.He's thinking of you right now!30. LilyHe thinks of sensuality, passion and sex.31. SunFor him the sun rises when he thinks of you.32nd moonHe is very attracted to you.33. KeyHe would like to find the way to your heart.34. FishThe topic of finance is currently in the foreground for him35. anchorHe feels safe thinking of you.36th crossHe has worries and fears about you.