How can I make myself comfortable feeling uncomfortable?

6 tips on how I feel good in my skin

How do I feel more comfortable in my skin? 6 tips to find yourself more beautiful

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I am often asked why I am so positive and self-confident and why I feel so good in my own skin. I rarely upload 'revealing' pictures, not because I'm not comfortable, but maybe because I don't have the 'typical' Instagram body.

But that's not what it is about! I would like to bring you closer to reality on my blog and daily on Instagram, I would like to exchange ideas with you and above all help you to feel comfortable in your own skin. Because one thing is clear: YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!

  1. Buy suitable clothes

First of all: it doesn't matter whether we wear a 34, 40, XS or XL! The size does not matter, because the main thing is that it fits and the most important thing: you feel good!
So sort out everything that does not suit you, what you no longer wear and in which you do not feel comfortable. Then treat yourself to a little shopping and freshen up your wardrobe now!

2. Unfollow - The Social Media Trap

Nowadays, Instagram & Co. is unthinkable without it: six packs, perfect bodies and just no cellulite or stretch marks!

Stop comparing yourself to something like that: Even fitness models and Hollywood stars often don't look what they think they are. If it bothers you and you start to compare: UNFOLLOW!

3. Do sports that you enjoy

We all know the problem: We feel so good after exercising, but getting up first is the problem. The solution: Sport that you enjoy! How about Zumba, together with your best friend, or a tummy-legs-butt class after work?
When I'm unmotivated, I always go to courses because the other course participants motivate me and I can't fool myself when doing sports and pull it off for an hour.

Another tip: yoga! It lets you shine inside and out. Your body changes after a period of time as the deep muscles are stressed and you become much more flexible. At the same time you relax, find your center and have a much more positive charisma! Here you can learn particularly well to feel good in your own skin.

4. Don't be so critical of yourself

I promise you one thing: everyone has 'problem areas' and body parts that they may not like as much as others. The next time you stand in front of the mirror, pay attention to your favorite part of the body and don't be so critical of yourself!
You can only radiate it when you love yourself as you are and are at peace with yourself.

5. Reward yourself

Sauna, shopping trip or a beauty evening. I do this regularly because I need it both inside and out. It makes you happy and I radiate that. In addition, after a beauty mask and a little manicure you feel much nicer.

6. What you wear underneath - counts!

Unfortunately, the most comfortable and stylish clothes won't do you any good if your bra is constricting or pinching. I really have to say that I radiate it directly when I am not feeling well or, for example, cannot move properly. Wear underwear that is beautiful, but at the same time so comfortable that you won't even notice it!


SLOGGI - unfasten yourself

Tip six is ​​particularly close to my heart today and I would like to introduce you to my all-time favorite brand when it comes to feeling good:

I've been the biggest fan of the for almost a year Zero feel seriesby Sloggi. The parts are absolutely seamless and invisible and you can move completely carefree thanks to the extra soft 3D stretch material. I find the pads super comfortable to wear and you can easily take them out for washing.

Try it out and I promise you, you will feel a lot more comfortable and want to show it all to the world!