Can you eat too much iodine

Foods Containing Iodine: How to Keep Your Thyroid Healthy

With values ​​above 200, you should make sure that you avoid iodine intake through your diet. Avoid table salt that is enriched with iodine and also algae, if these (in whatever form, whether as tablets or in vegetarian sushi) are on your menu.

Be careful with iodine preparations!

If excretion values ​​are below 20, there is a severe iodine deficiency. However, in this case you must not simply resort to an iodine food supplement. The reason: Your thyroid is a very delicate and sensitive organ. If you simply supplement as you see fit, it can be that you bring this sensitive organ completely into imbalance and cause damage to your body. It is essential to clarify whether you are taking a dietary supplement with your doctor!

Conclusion: Counter iodine deficiency with algae and kelp

Our VETOX diet makes it easy for you to get enough iodine. You can

  • Use iodized salt
  • Use algae, for example the iodine-rich nori algae. They have a moderate iodine content, so they don't give you too little, but also not too much iodine.
  • Mix kelp into drinks. Kelp is a brown sea alga that contains iodine and is available as a powder. It provides you with a lot of iodine. For example, if you put them in a self-made smoothie made from fruit and vegetables, you won't taste them at all. This makes it suitable for you even if you don't actually like the iodine-rich algae