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Jig spinner

  • Fisherman 14

    Hey guys, I've heard that jig spinners are supposed to catch very well and that's why I want to get one.
    Do you have any tips which are good and which design?

    18.02.20 14:541
  • Fisherman 14

    Fishing for perch

    18.02.20 14:540
  • Luapeso

    molix ... or nays Blade Runner Design so the usual for the beginning

    18.02.20 14:571
  • Shaps.

    Spinmad in perch design πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    18.02.20 15:243
  • House master

    Definitely Spinmad Jigmaster !! The way things work is just amazing. When cranking the rod feels like a hammer drill

    18.02.20 16:584
  • Giant Micha

    If money doesn't really matter, then take a look at Illex's Deracoups. They are expensive, but according to my observations, they are currently the best on the market.

    18.02.20 17:180
  • Fisherman 14

    Thank you πŸ‘

    18.02.20 17:390
  • KurtMigge

    I have had an incredible number of successes on asp and catfish with jig spinners. Perch very little rather. Zander never.

    19.02.20 08:200
  • Giant Micha

    I never had catfish and pikeperch with it. But a lot of pike and perch and also one or the other asp.

    19.02.20 09:110
  • As the

    gunki in silver

    19.02.20 12:550
  • Andi Libert

    Spinmad you really have the best value for money! They are completely sufficient. The differences between the more expensive manufacturers definitely do not justify the price in my opinion.

    19.02.20 12:581
  • CaR_FW

    The nays are great. The improvement makes them run perfectly. And they are available in all common weights πŸ€™πŸΌ

    21.02.20 08:320
  • Unknown

    The jig spinners from Profiblinker are also great. Sometimes they last longer than some more expensive branded products, have needle-sharp hooks, they come with a lot of weights ... and perhaps the most important thing, as long as you don't just hunt asp on the surface of the water ... they are cheap ...

    For my part, I swap the triplets for twin hooks on almost all jig spinners. The triplets and circlips are often way too big and tend to get caught in the back of the spinner ...

    The Spin Mad have a clear advantage ... but not exactly cheap either ... apart from the fact that they are rarely available in our stores and you have to order online ...

    21.02.20 10:232
  • Fisherman 14

    Thank you

    21.02.20 10:320
  • Palino

    Better to do without triplet hooks. Even twin hooks like to nail the mouth of the perch shut. Spinmad already delivers them with twins

    21.02.20 10:501
  • Steff KC

    the jig spinner from Profiblinker is very catchy with meπŸ˜‰

    21.02.20 16:441
  • Frank8409

    I use various jig spinners from SPRO, top parts

    21.02.20 21:020