What happened to YouTube Red 1

Checked: Is YouTube Premium worth the money? ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium services, once known as YouTube Red, have finally been available in Germany since June 2018. We took a close look at the new functions and in this article we will tell you whether YouTube Premium is really worth its price of 11.99 euros per month.

YouTube is and probably will always be free. With YouTube Premium, however, a new service was introduced in June 2018, under which users can pay money for the consumption of YouTube videos for the first time. In return, YouTube Premium subscribers also receive numerous special functions that can be used exclusively with such a subscription.

YouTube Premium: These features are included

The new features of YouTube Premium are primarily intended for people who use YouTube excessively. They are designed to make it easier to watch videos and make the scope more convenient with the platform. We have summarized all the features of YouTube Premium for you:

  • YouTube Premium includes onead-free accesson all videos. Prerolls and other advertising formats are therefore no longer shown before, during or after the videos, even without an activated ad blocker. By the way, YouTube Creators are still rewarded for the views: They receive a portion of the monthly fee.
  • With YouTube Premium it is finally possibleDownload YouTube videos on your smartphoneso that you can also view them offline.
  • With a valid YouTube Premium subscription, you can finally watch videos on your smartphone toocan be played in the background or with the display switched off. Background playback is particularly useful for music videos.
  • On Android picture-in-picture mode can be used with YouTube Premium. If this is activated, YouTube videos are played in a small, sliding window. This makes it possible to use another app at the same time.
  • BothYouTube OriginalsThese are series and films available exclusively on YouTube, in which well-known YouTubers often play the leading roles. Most of them can only be played with an active YouTube Premium subscription.
  • In the price of YouTube Premium is also Google's Music streaming serviceYouTube Music Premiumcontain. This has a similarly large offer as Spotify and can also be subscribed to individually for 9.99 euros per month without the YouTube functions.

YouTube Premium: What we love ...

Much has already been implemented really well on YouTube Premium. The service is simply fun to use in everyday life and is definitely an asset for real YouTube fans. This is mainly due to the following points:

Download YouTube videos at last

For most of themtheThe highlight of YouTube Premium is the download function for videos. Thanks to her, it is finally possible to download YouTube videos to your own smartphone via WLAN at home and then watch them on the go. This means that no valuable data volume is used. Hours of YouTube sessions in the car or train are finally possible.

Fortunately, the download function for YouTube videos on YouTube Premium was implemented really well. For example, the user can freely select the video resolution (up to a maximum of 720p) and download individual videos with just a few clicks. In addition, playlists, for example theWatch Later Playlist,can be downloaded completely, which is particularly useful for large video collections.

With YouTube Premium, downloading YouTube videos is child's play, after which they can be viewed regardless of Internet reception or the available data volume. What was previously only possible with a lot of effort using YouTube converters can now be done legally within seconds!

No more advertising on YouTube

Advertising is practically part of YouTube. Many YouTubers and Google itself generate important income through it - but it is rather annoying for viewers. Fortunately, with YouTube Premium, advertising is disappearing from the platform. YouTube videos start without annoying preroll ads and are no longer interrupted by ads. That saves the audience's nerves and time!

Sure, this result can easily be achieved at least on the desktop with an ad blocker, but then your own favorite YouTubers will no longer receive any money for the views. With YouTube Premium it is now possible to continue to support your stars and still do without advertising. Because if a YouTube Premium subscriber watches a video, the producer simply receives a small part of the monthly contribution from YouTube. So both sides benefit from it.

YouTube Premium: ... and what bothers you

Unfortunately, YouTube Premium is not yet perfect. In order to inspire as many YouTube fans as possible with the new offer, Google should improve the following points:

No German YouTube Originals

The YouTube Premium offer also includes exclusive access to the so-called YouTube Originals. These series and films can be seen exclusively on YouTube and were often even produced together with well-known YouTubers. PewDiePie, Jesse (PrankvsPrank), MatPat (The Game Theorists) and Co. - numerous well-known American YouTubers were already featured in the YouTube Originals.

However, if you take a look at the range of YouTube Originals, you are quickly disappointed as a German viewer. Although YouTube Premium has been available in Germany for over a month now, there are no series or films that can be viewed in German. Some may not mind that as they prefer to watch videos in English anyway, but it would be nice if you could choose the language.

This goes hand in hand with the fact that no series or films with German YouTubers are available yet. These should appear this year, but until then the YouTube Originals will not be really interesting for German users. They are not a competition to Amazon Prime Video or Netflix in the USA either - but in this country the YouTube Originals will hardly convince anyone to opt for a YouTube Premium subscription.

YouTube Music Premium

Finally, let's talk about the music streaming service YouTube Music Premium included in YouTube Premium. This of course competes with Spotify and can even keep up with the market leader in some points. It is great, for example, that in addition to the normal range of music, live performances uploaded to YouTube can also be downloaded and played back as audio files. In addition, the appropriate music videos are easy to access and the offer itself is quite competitive.

However, if you take a closer look at YouTube Music Premium, the weaknesses of the music streaming service become apparent fairly quickly: The app is not particularly clear, there are significantly fewer playlists and the personalized recommendations are not on the level of Spotify. Personalized playlists in the style of theMix of the weekorRelease radar are even completely missing, which would at least prevent me as a Spotify user from switching.

It may well be that the average user with lower demands can be satisfied with YouTube Music Premium. But until one is on the level of Spotify, Google definitely has to lend a hand again. After all, it has already been announced that new functions for YouTube Music Premium will be released every two weeks.

Conclusion: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ of ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for YouTube Premium

It is not easy to draw a conclusion on YouTube Premium at this point in time. The service has only recently been available in Germany and will certainly be adapted in the coming months.

But that is also necessary to justify the price of 11.99 euros per month. Especially for the younger target group on YouTube, that's a lot of money that should not be invested rashly. On the one hand there is the practical download function and the freedom of advertising on YouTube, on the other hand you also pay for the YouTube Originals and YouTube Music Premium. Many would like to forego these functions in favor of a lower price - unfortunately, such an option does not exist.

What to do? For YouTube junkies who can spend the money without any problems, YouTube Premium already creates such great added value that a subscription can be worthwhile. Everyone else should wait a little longer until Google makes improvements to our criticisms. The YouTube Premium approach is really great, but not yet perfectly executed.

Personally, I will turn my back on YouTube Premium for the time being, despite my huge YouTube consumption - the love for Spotify is simply too great, and I don't want to pay a monthly fee for two music streaming services.

A little hint: If someone in your own family would also consider a YouTube Premium subscription, the family subscription is a good choice. For a price of only 17.99 euros, up to 6 family members can benefit from the advantages of the service.