What is the name of a large insect nest

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Wasps are a part of summer like strawberry cake and ice cream. However, they are not particularly popular. What can you do when wasps have built a nest right on your patio?


Wasps are one of the less popular summer guests. It can be particularly annoying when you build your nest on terraces or garden houses. However, you are not allowed to simply remove a nest. Since the insects are under nature protection, you would face a hefty fine.

Remove the nest yourself

Even if you feel annoyed by wasps or even endangered due to an allergy, you should not simply remove a wasp's nest. Both wasps and their nests are under Natural reserve. If you are caught destroying a nest, you are threatened Fine. Depending on the type of wasp, this can be between 5,000 euros and 50,000 euros.

Request elimination

You must apply for the removal or relocation of a nest and obtain a permit. But you need a good reason for that. You have the prospect of your application being approved, for example, at a allergy or if you are significantly impaired in your everyday life by the flying neighbors. Contact the with your application competent authority. Depending on the state and municipality, these are the nature conservation authorities, the city administration or the district office.

How do you remove properly?

Wasp nests should only be removed in April or autumn. At these times the nests are uninhabited. Under no circumstances should you remove or smash the nest with a high-pressure jet. Lighting is also not a good idea. When wasps feel threatened, they become aggressive. You were in danger of being stung. You can buy poisonous wasp foam at retail outlets that can be sprayed into the nest.

Basically, however, you should always consider hiring a professional to remove it. Your local Exterminator can inform you about the costs beforehand. It depends on how big the nest is, how easily accessible it is and how urgent it is to be used.

Alternative move

Instead of having the nest destroyed, you can also choose a much milder intervention. The nest can, too relocated become. The wasps are carefully sucked in and the nest removed. The insects are then allowed to move into their nests at another location. Wasps are an important part of our ecosystem. Check with a beekeeper or environmental organization. They can inform you about the possibilities and costs of relocation.

Wasp's Nest and Tenancy Law

If you feel disturbed by a wasp's nest on the house of your rented apartment, you should first consider yours landlord to inform. He has to take care of the removal or relocation of the wasps. If he does not do this, you can hire a professional yourself. In urgent cases you can also use the fire Department turn on. Your landlord must then bear the costs for the removal.

Abandoned nests

Wasps only colonize a nest for one year. So it can happen that you discover an old, abandoned nest while tidying up the attic. Since the nest itself does no harm, you can just leave it hanging. Resettlement is said to be extremely rare. However, if the filigree work of art bothers you, you can remove it without hesitation. You don't need any for that either Special permit. However, you should be absolutely sure that the nest is really empty.

Kill annoying wasp?

Even killing a single wasp for no good reason can theoretically result in a fine. If you strike because a wasp circling around is getting on your nerves, you are acting improperly. The situation is different, for example, if you are allergic to wasp stings. Fear of a sting and allergic reaction can justify killing a wasp. In practice, if you kill a wasp on your coffee table, you are unlikely to receive a fine.

Scare away wasps

Even if you usually do not have to fear any consequences for killing a single wasp, you should still think about environmental protection. Wasps are important beneficial insects that decimate pests, ensure pollination and serve as food for other animals. Instead of killing them, find ways to keep them off your patio or balcony. On the Internet you will find many environmentally friendly tips for peaceful coexistence at a distance.