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Julian - Permanently Closed

Permanently Closed - Picture your favorite soul-satisfying dishes made with the finest local ingredients, refined with signature twists and served in a comfortably sophisticated atmosphere.

You've seen her on Next Iron Chef, Iron Chef America, Top Chef Masters and many others. Welcome to JULIAN, the first proprietary dining experience from James Beard Award-winning chef, Celina Tio.

Permanently closed

This restaurant is permanently closed.

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Starters and Shares

  • Yesterday's Soup $ 6.00

  • House-smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs * $ 10.00

    pickled red onions

  • Bowl O 'Mussels * $ 10.00

    Saffron cream and tarragon

  • Artisan Greens $ 7.00

    shaved radish, citrus vinaigrette, sunflower seeds

    • With Chicken, Griddled Tofu or Smoked Salmon $ 11.00
  • Roasted Mushrooms $ 8.00

    smoked paprika aioli

  • Cheese Board $ 6.00

    house crackers and preserves

All day dishes

  • Scrambled Tofu $ 8.00

    roasted seasonal veggies, cheesy potato bake

  • Breakfast Pot Pie $ 10.00

    puff dough, veggie frittata, mushroom-thyme gravy

  • Chicken & Biscuits $ 7.00

    Chicken gravy and cheesy potato bake

  • Egg Sammy * $ 9.00

    ham, gruyere, lettuce and aioli

  • The Rittenhouse * $ 10.00

    O.M. eggs, peppers, onions, corn muffin, pale sauce

  • Griddled Polenta * $ 10.00

    tomato-mushroom ragu, gorgonzola, sunny egg

  • Open Faced Curried Tuna and Lentil Salad Sandwich, Greens $ 12.00

  • Cheeseburger * $ 12.00

    with house-made pickles and fries

  • Stuff Burger * $ 14.00

    with mushrooms, house bacon, egg?

Main plates

  • Spaghetti $ 22.00

    Plain butter, shrimp, mussels

  • Steak Fries * $ 26.00

    tri-colored fingerling potatoes, broccolini, herb butter

  • Skuna Bay Salmon $ 25.00

    potato and leek gratin, spring onion jam

  • Chef's Vegan or Vegetarian $ 18.00

    what don't you like? We'll take it from there!

Side dishes

All side dishes - $ 5

  • Fried Cauliflower, Walnut-miso

  • Boulevard Pale Ale

    Mac N 'Cheese w / Sautéed Veggies

  • House fries and ketchup


  • Creme Brulee $ 6.00

  • Cake $ 6.00

  • Tart $ 6.00

  • Cheesecake $ 6.00

  • Chocolate Ganache $ 6.00

    Dark truth stout caramel

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Total reviews

4.3 based on all ratings
  • 4.0Eating
  • 4.0 Service
  • 3.0Ambience
  • 4.0 Value for money

87% of reviewers would recommend the restaurant to a friend

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    1. EMSR

      Kansas City

      Visited on July 1, 2017


      We stopped at Julian's before heading to the theater. It's a great place for simple foods prepared in an extraordinary way. Friendly service and great food.

    2. SamGamgee

      Kansas City


      Dined on June 27, 2017


      Favorite restaurant ever. So long, Julian. See you downtown. : _ {

    3. StephanieP

      Kansas City


      Dined on June 27, 2017


      Great place, sorry to see it go. I will have to check out the Belfry.

    4. rocket

      Kansas City


      Dined on June 27, 2017


      It is one of the best places to eat IN brook-side. LOVE IT !!

    5. OpenTable Diner

      Kansas City

      Dined on June 23, 2017


      I absolutely loved everything about my experience. This was my first time dining at Julian. I'll definitely be back.

    6. OpenTable Diner

      Kansas City


      Dined on June 18, 2017


      There is just a few short weeks to get you Julian fix. Go for the remaining pig roast on July 4.

    7. Bethel

      Kansas City


      Dined on June 18, 2017


      We were at the Sunday brunch and enjoyed the selection and quality for the price. Sorry to see the restaurant close.

    8. Sloppyjofood

      Kansas City


      Dined on June 16, 2017


      This was the 2nd time dining at Julian, we always agree to try a restaurant twice even if the first experience wasn't ideal. It was a gorgeous Kansas City night to sit on the patio and we were very excited as the night began; however we ended up disappointed. We had a reservation for 8pm (Friday) and apparently that is too late to have your choice of meal for this restaurant. They were out of 3 of the 7 entrees. Service was pretty slow and two of the male employees seemed to be having some tension. The food was fine, nothing spectacular. The sauce for our mushroom dish was clearly made ~ a day or so before (no issues with that) and stored because it came out on our plate still partially solidified. Cocktails were Ok but were different then what was described on the menu. I feel like Julian is not "involved" in the restaurant or have a handle on what's going on when she isn't present. I would be very frustrated if this were my business.

    9. OpenTable Diner

      Kansas City

      Dined on June 10, 2017


      Simply amazing! Austin was our experience concierge, and was extremely knowledgeable and professional. Everything from the mussels to the salmon deviled eggs, to the trout ... exquisite !! I couldn't be happier that our 1 year anniversary was shared at Julian! Thank you Celine for making our night wonderful, and we will miss Julian for sure! :)

    10. CeceG

      Kansas City

      Dined on June 10, 2017


      We had a great first visit to Julian, and are looking forward to trying Chef Tio's other property, The Belfry. Julian closes July 4th, and we understand why. Seating space is at a premium, and parking can get tough. Chef Tio came out and spoke to nearly every table. She told us which dishes would be included on The Belfry menu (the smoked salmon deviled eggs for one!). We were very impressed by her style and her food. My husband and our friend had the Camp Lindo Farms Chicken, and I had the Chef's Vegetarian special, which was a "Southwest Corn Succatash" over Basmati rice. It was fresh, light, and delicious! For dessert we tried the White Peach Upside-down Cake and the butterscotch bread pudding. Both were big hits. Having moved to the area in late 2014, we are sorry we didn't "discover" Julian until now. But we have met Chef Tio and will most definitely follow her on her new adventure.

    11. Rebecca

      Kansas City

      Visited on June 8, 2017


      Julian's had been on my list for quite some time Enjoyed every bit of the scallops. Cooked just right. Bread pudding sauce was perfect. No rum or lemon in sight. Good caramel topping. Just the way I like. Thanks Chef and Staff

    12. Tonykc

      Kansas City


      Visited on June 8, 2017


      Food was amazing and the service was exceptional. The salmon was done to perfection. This is a great find

    13. bestofKC

      Kansas City

      Visited on June 6, 2017


      So sorry the restaurant is closing. It has been a favorite place for us since it opened. We wish Celine good luck in all her future culinary endeavors.

    14. OpenTable Diner

      Kansas City


      Visited on June 6, 2017


      So Sad this location is closed. Please bring your menu to your new building!

    15. Dave

      Kansas City