How to make a quadcopter with Arduino

Quadrocopter with Arduino?

  • Good evening,

    The school paid us for an Arduino Mega or a Funduino Mega, with these I would like to build a quadrocopter, I need everything except tools that I already have.
    The quadrocopter should be used for recordings (later) with a GoPro or other action camera,
    But this should only happen later, i.e. first a QC that flies nicely and also nice smoothisch so glides nicely but also gets a speed on it.
    I know I have set myself a big goal with this; first of all, it is about the electronic or the machine, not the programming.

    My budget is € 120-150 without a remote control.

    Thanks in advance

    Edit: I am aware that I have to comply with legal guidelines!

    With best regards
  • Hello,

    The development of MultiWii is based on Arduino and you will find it here if you torment Google to provide you with information (including wiring diagrams). You will only have to read yourself. Judging by your contribution, do you already have the mega board? Then you need at least one IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit, i.e. the yaw rate and accelerometer. Google MPU6050 here, the Chinese have quite usable miniboards - some with a magnetic field sensor and barometer - so 10DOF (= degrees of freedom) for now under 10 The whole thing is clipped to the I2C bus, the ESCs are connected to the PWMs and the receive signals are connected to the inputs, software on and off you go. Sounds easy? But it is not - but it is feasible if you don't give up right away . As a frame you will certainly want to use a (light) self-made wood with your budget? Standard size 450mm motor spacing. The ESC's in size should be 20A ... 30A on 4S. You are already going over at least 40..60 € - the same for the motors. You also need a Lipo battery. You can calculate your flight object under ecalc whether it could be airworthy. The weight I would without the components ten also initially retained the 850g. Alternatively, you can get a complete set without flight controls.
    The unpleasant thing about the mega board is the (albeit small) additional weight of the Arduino board with the connectors. A complete flight control is better off - but since you already have a part, this is not an option here.
    Otherwise - it will not fly so smoothly (or it depends on what you mean by "smooth") ) - only a 32bit flight controller does that because it can calculate a little faster and react with it. The necessary accessories are included. But the Arduino is very useful for the beginning - it worked with the first attempts back then. With the Mega-Board, you can later easily attach a GPS receiver to a UART and thus manage simple navigation tasks. An OSD etc. can then be connected to another UART. You only have to pay attention to the weight of the additional components yourself. If you have any questions about MultiWii, you can try me if there are any problems. Then good luck - and don't give up.

    Best wishes,
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    Unfortunately, it fails with your budget for the price you might get motors and ESC's together. The frame, propeller, gimbal, battery, OSD, Video TX, Video RX are missing. Put the same amount on it again ..
    Fly in the area around Dortmund and Bochum. Write to me if you want to fly together!
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  • Thank you for your detailed answer miracolix, are there any brands or something where you should stay away from it? Especially with the batteries, I'm not a bit afraid that they will just start smoking Since I am training to be a mechatronics technician and have 2 other electronics technicians in the house, I will not have the problem with the wiring.
    I thought about the frame on the SK450.
    Is there a page where you can order cheaply or get the best P / L ratio?
    If there is any kind of user referring you are welcome to send me yours then I would give yours.
    I will probably have to read more before I order anything

    Edit: Recoil, thank you very much for your contribution, can you put together a configuration for twice the price, a remote control does not have to be included! Set it to € 250 without remote control.

    Best wishes
  • Happy New Year, !

    Sorry for the late answer, I did it over the holidays to update the latest Debian Jessie on the old handicraft computer to play with the GCS from Taulabs. But back to the topic.
    I can't name brands that you shouldn't buy, I haven't tried enough for them. The statistician would certainly use the term lack of variance here. But I can tell you which hardware I have been using so far without any problems. I order the parts when it should go quickly, usually from Hobbyking (hereinafter referred to as HK) with the European branch (duty-free) if it is available there, otherwise you can use Aliexpress or Banggood (partly also duty-free) if you partly use the 4 weeks if it comes directly from China. Individual electronic components such as a uBlox GPS module or even ready-made sensor modules such as the IMU can be searched more easily on eBah, but also here look and read carefully and not necessarily take the cheapest. But then it usually comes directly from the original manufacturer in China and then takes a few weeks. As long as you stay under 22 € there is no customs fee.
    I tested without any problems:
    FlyColor ESC 6S / 30A directly from the manufacturer via Aliexpress (now also available from HK)
    Afro Race Spec ESC 20A by HK from the EU NL
    With the carbon props I have had better experiences with HK so far, even if you have to weigh more. Elsewhere, the same size and shape was much thinner and more sensitive.
    I also ordered all of the motors (Multistar series) from HK, otherwise I would probably. save today. You just can't run the parts at their maximum all the time - then they'll work well and have a high degree of efficiency. Of course there are even better manufacturers - you just have to think about "what you paid is what you get" and then choose it according to budget and intended purpose. For a 450 frame you will also find what you are looking for at HK - just browse and compare before you buy. Unfortunately, I haven't tested any motors for a 450 frame, I'm either above or below the configuration.
    You can put your configuration up for discussion again beforehand, but most of the time you will have to try it out yourself. If you have the money to test every conceivable hardware, you better buy a finished Phantom or even better. That is more fun At least if you also want to fly.

    Kind regards, Miracolix