Sells Trader Joe's Trail Mix

Aldi has to take a snack mix off sales. The reason for the current recall: A toxic plant protection product was found.

Germany - Currently warns Aldi before consuming a certain product from your own range. Either Aldi north, South and the Swiss offshoot Aldi Suisse are from the recall affected.

sales53 billion euros (as of 2020)

Recall at Aldi: Nuts are contaminated with poison

The reason: As part of an investigation, the residue of the Pesticide ethylene oxide proven. This is especially toxic when inhaled and can even do so carcinogenic be. Symptoms of poisoning are a headache, Dizziness and nausea or vomiting.

The article affected is of all things "Organic seed mix" of the "Partners inBio GmbH“, A product that is not exactly associated with the use of pesticides (more recalls and warnings on

Aldi: Recall due to the risk of poisoning affects organic products, of all things

Especially the one contained in the product Sesame seeds is with that Pollutant burdened. Although this only accounts for 15% of the “organic kernel mix”, Aldi asks its customers not to consume the product as a precaution.

As reports, everyone is Batches with the Best before dates from 15.07.2021 until finally 03.09.2021 affected. The packaging size is 275 grams each.

Another recall: throughout Germany there is a warning against the consumption of salmon

Customers can download the affected product from Aldi bring back that Purchase price will be refunded. Other products at Aldi are not of that recall affected.

However, other supermarkets in Germany are currently affected by a recall: For one variety salmon is urgently warned against consumption because of listeria.

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