How is an app made aware of the location

Why do I have to activate my location in the Corona warning app?

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FAQ & information about the Corona warning app

The most important thing on the subject Corona warning app

  • goal of Corona warning app is to understand and break corona infection chains faster.

  • In the first 24 hours after the official presentation, the corona warning app became round according to developer circles Downloaded 4 million times - mostly via the Google Play Store (3 million times).

  • The big challenge in development: The app must be the one that is applicable in Germany Data protection laws correspond. Therefore, the app does not ask for location data (tracking), but only remembers which 2 smartphones were in critical proximity to each other over a certain period of time (tracing).

  • Many Android users are now confused: The app still wants to Access to the location data. How so?

Location query with the Corona warning app: that's what it's all about

Anyone who installs the Corona warning app on an Android smartphone could see this message: "The following authorizations are required for this function: Device location". However, location data should not be requested. So why?

When does the message appear?

The message just appears Android smartphonesand only for users who have not already activated location access in the settings. There is no request for the app version for iPhones.

The installation of the Corona warning app only works on Android phones if location access is activated. But wait a minute, if the app does no location data asks why you have to access then activate?

That's why Android requires location access

  • In the message window in the Corona warning app it says: "This setting is required so that Bluetooth devices in your area can be found... ". If no other Bluetooth devices are recognized, the app - more precisely the tracing - cannot work.

  • This is due to the Android operating system. Since Android version 6, users have to share their location and Bluetooth in a single permit activate. A release is not possible separately from each other.

  • According to Google, this has a data protection background, because background data can be accessed via Bluetooth, which the approximate location determined can be. Users should be made aware of this through the access request.

  • The good news: The Corona warning app itself does not access location data, but only uses Bluetooth. The message window of the app says: "However, the device location will not be used for notifications of possible encounters with Covid-19 infected people".

  • As the Federal government promises, the location is not used by the app to read, use or even save position data, despite activation.

  • The bad news: Other apps with the authorization to determine the location can certainly see the location by activating it.

  • To be on the safe side, check which apps on your smartphone already have location access. You will find the option depending on the manufacturer in the settings under "Location" or "Location Access". There you can also deactivate the authorization for individual apps.

How does the Corona warning app work? Where can i download it? Here you can find all information and the FAQ about the app!

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