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University Hospital (Newark, New Jersey) - University Hospital (Newark, New Jersey)

Hospital in New Jersey, USA
University hospital
place100 Bergen St., Newark, New Jersey, United States
Coordinates40 ° 44′25 "N 74 ° 11′25" W / 40.7403 ° N 74.1902 ° W / 40.7403; -74.1902 Coordinates: 40 ° 44′25 "N 74 ° 11′25" W / 40.7403 ° N 74.1902 ° W / 40.7403; -74.1902
Affiliated universityNew Jersey Medical School
Emergency departmentLevel I trauma center
HelipadFAA LID: NJ87
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The University Hospital is an independent state teaching hospital in Newark, New Jersey serving tertiary services in northern New Jersey. The hospital is certified by the American College of Surgeons and is a federally recognized Level 1 trauma center, one of only three in New Jersey.


The University Hospital is an independent, self-contained medical center owned by the state of New Jersey and managed by a board of directors under the direction of the Honorable Donald DiFrancesco. It is located in the University Heights neighborhood of Newark, New Jersey. The University Hospital is a principal teaching hospital for Rutgers biomedicine and health sciences and a regional resource for specialized services and critical care. It is the largest provider of uncompensated care in New Jersey.


The hospital was founded as Newark City Hospital, which opened on September 4, 1882 with 25 beds. The New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry took over the operation of the hospital from the city in 1968 after the 1967 riots and renamed the entire Martland Hospital complex under an agreement with the City of Newark. The College of Medicine and Dentistry has signed what is known as the Newark Agreement, which agreed to continue providing Newark residents with permanent health and employment opportunities. The expansion of the college prompted the construction of a new hospital; and the College Hospital opened in May 1979. The name was changed to University Hospital in 1981 to recognize the granting of university status to the college by state lawmakers. In November 2012, the New Jersey Medical and Health Sciences Education Restructuring Act required most of the New Jersey University of Medicine and Dentistry schools and units to be transferred to Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. With this legislation, the University Hospital became an independent, state-owned medical center in July 2013, based on the Newark Agreement of 1968.

Controversies and scandals

The University of Medicine and Dentistry was involved in a number of adverse circumstances related to the Medicaid overcharging from 2001 to 2004. A number of systemic reforms have been initiated. The 2012 legislation separated the University Hospital from the UMDNJ and the transition was successfully completed in July 2013.

In popular culture

The ABC documentary series produced by ABC News NY Med shows the University Hospital.


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