What is a NOC in Telecommunications

Behind the scenes: Telekom's traffic control center

24/7 surveillance

Telephoning and surfing are a matter of course for those who use the Deutsche Telekom landline network. The management is in place and the content is flowing - that's what customers expect. In order for this to work, however, Deutsche Telekom has set up various network monitoring centers (NOC, Network Operation Center) for the various areas of the network. One of these NOCs is located in Bamberg, Franconia. Here, just outside the city in an industrial area, around 100 employees work 24/7 and work in three shifts to ensure that there are no disruptions in the Telekom transport network.

Look behind the scenes

"We are something like the traffic control center", says J├╝rgen Kah from the Net Management Center "First-Line Maintenance Transport Bamberg" - the official name - in an interview with teltarif.de. Kah will draw the comparison to the road network even more often, because the comparison makes it clearer what the work of the NOC in Bamberg consists of.

On the following pages we give you an insight into the range of tasks of the NOC in Bamberg, which is essentially responsible for ensuring that you can make calls and surf the Internet as usual with your connection at home. Otherwise you would not get such an insight into this network monitoring. With a click on the picture you come to the next page.