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Batwoman (Kate Kane)

This article covers the person of Kate Kane, for other people who have had the identity of Batwomans, see Batwoman.

Katherine "Kate" Kane is the fictional superhero Batwoman from the comics by DC Comics. In contrast to other "Bat" heroes like Robin or Batgirl, Batwoman is no other youthful sidekick (helper) of Batman, but is a completely independent superhero with her own allies and even her own opponents. Even if their paths inevitably cross more often with Batman and his helpers, since she also operates in Gotham City.

She represents the female counterpart to the hero Batman, and just like Batman has his own sidekick Robin, Batwoman also has her own sidekick Flamebird. It was invented by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid and Ken Lashley, and her first appearance was in 52 # 7 in June 2006. After her debut in the 52 storyline and some of her own adventures in detective comics, Batwoman got in the wake of DC relaunches with the "New 52" also its own continuous comic book series, which is also published as a special volume series in German by Panini Germany.

Biography Edit source]

Prehistory Edit source]

As the daughter of a prominent colonel, she tried to impress her father by joining the army. Not much is known about her time in the Army other than that she was often bullied for her sexual orientation (Kate Kane is a lesbian). Kate Kane, like Bruce Wayne, is the heiress of one of Gotham's wealthiest families and has an enormous fortune. After leaving the army, she led a life as a party girl and billionaire heiress. After she met the Dark Knight Batman on a dark night, this inspired her so much that she discovered a new purpose in life and decided to become a crime fighter herself. Although her relationship with her father is complicated, he is her most important ally. He set up her shelter, provided her with military equipment, trained her and even sewed her Batwoman costume.

Intergang [edit | Edit source]

In the "52" storyline, Renée Montoya and her mentor ask the original QuestionKate Kane for help with their investigation after the two discovered that a building where strange things happened belongs to the Kane family. After a fight against Intergang member Whisper A'Daire and their creatures, Renée and Question came across the book of crime, also known as the "Bible of Crime". These Intergang scriptures contain a prophecy pointing to Kate Kane. Renée and Question team up again with Kate Kane to crush Intergang's plans. Unfortunately, Intergang has now interpreted the prophecy accordingly and Intergang boss Bruno Mannheim has Kate Kane kidnapped in order to sacrifice her in an unholy ritual. Renée comes to help Kate, who has already been stabbed with a dagger in the heart by Bruno Mannheim. Kate pulls the dagger out of her chest, stabs Bruno and then passes out in Renée's arms. Kate survived her serious injuries, but not least thanks to Renée's first aid measures.

During the "Final Crisis" storyline, Batwoman, like many other heroes, falls under the influence of Darkseid and joins the Female Furies. After the event and freed from Darkseid's influence, she resumes the fight against crime in Gotham as Batwoman. After she met Nightwing in this way, he trained her in dealing with the batarangs and gave her her first own batarang for Christmas.

The religion of crime Edit source]

During the Batman Reborn and Mask Battle, in which Dick Grayson took the place of the dead Bruce Wayne as Batman, Batwoman investigated a new crime syndicate that was beginning to spread in Gotham. The so-called "religion of crime", a mixture of criminal syndicate and occult sect, under the leadership of their new high priestess Alice, plans to spread a toxic gas over Gotham City. In addition, Alice also has Kate Kane's father kidnapped. Batwoman receives help from Kyle Abbot and a few others who call themselves "the True Believers". Kate is able to stop the weapon of the religion of crime and free her father, but Alice appears to fall to her death during the final fight against Alice on a plane.

Sometime later, Batwoman watched the arrival of a new leader of the Religion of Crime in Gotham City. She met with Batman and after showing that she is more familiar with the religion of crime and its methods than Batman, Batman leaves it to her to stop the religion of crime.

She tracked down the new leader of the religion of crime, who was none other than Alice, who had apparently survived her fall and could rise to the top in the religion of crime.

Alice is a very elaborately disguised villain who speaks exclusively in quotes from Lewis Carroll and believes herself to be Alice Liddell from the Alice in Wonderland books. Batwoman also noticed this in the course of her conflict with Alice.

Alice is Batwoman's absolute archenemy. A circumstance that makes the whole thing even more tragic for Kate Kane, it has since emerged that Alice is her twin sister Elizabeth Kane, who is believed to be dead. With this new information, Kate completely broke off contact with her father, as he had lied to her for years about her sister's whereabouts and she could not forgive him for this immense breach of trust.

Batwoman handed over the body of a super villain to a JLA superhero group when the JLA tried to stop villain Prometheus (in Justice League Cry for Justice). In the course of this, Batwoman was kidnapped again by cultists and taken to London, where she was to be sacrificed again. But she was saved by Dick Grayson and the British superheroes Knight and Squire ("Knights and Squires", so to speak, the British "Batman and Robin").

Batman Inc. Edit source]

A little later, after joining Batman's hero group Batman Inc, Batwoman traveled to Argentina to help Batman and superhero El Gaucho kill super villains Dr. Track down Daedalus. They met the British special agent Hood, together the four heroes then fought El Gaucho's archenemy Scorpiana, who was ultimately defeated by Batwoman. They then discovered an old man wearing Dr. Daedalus was wearing it, but quickly found out that it was just an old man with Alzheimer's disease. Shortly thereafter, Batwoman returned to Gotham City.

The Medusa Syndicate [edit | Edit source]

While Kate Kane (now in her own monthly "Batwoman" series) is still on her break with her father, her cousin Elizabeth "Bette" Kane's desire to prove herself as Batwoman's sidekick flamebird and her troubles in keeping her activities as Batwoman in line with it struggles to bring her private life, which also affects Kate's relationship with Maggie Sawyer, the mysterious Medusa Syndicate spreads in Gotham City.

The Medusa Organization is a worldwide criminal cartel with mystical and paranormal origins, whose symbol is a black snake.

What exactly Medusa does in Gotham City is still unknown. Under the leadership of the mysterious villain Falchion, the also mysterious magician Maro, who has the powerful gift of using magic, to turn figures from so-called "urban legends" and folklore into reality. For the obscure goals of the Medusa Organization, he created the creatures La Llorona the Weeping Woman, Ashoth the Hook, Bloody Mary and let the Batman villain Killer Croc mutate into a mystical aligator monster with six eyes (based on the Mexican folklore legend about the weeping woman ; the Urban Legends about the "Hakenmann", a ghost story about an escaped madman with a hook instead of a hand who prefers to kill teenagers who kiss in the car alone; the legend of the cruel spirit of Bloody Mary, which anyone who dares theirs Speaking names three times in a row into a mirror appears and kills him; as well as the legend of aligator monsters in the sewers).

Batwoman was also targeted by the organization D.E.O. (Department of Extranormal Operations) under the direction of Director Bones, who sent special agent Cameron Chase to Gotham to catch Batwoman to investigate whether Batwoman was linked to a terrorist cell.

Cameron Chase managed to capture Batwoman, but Batwoman escaped after breaking one of the special agent's arms.

Later the D.E.O. with Batwoman in the fight against the Medusa Syndicate, which Batwoman has vowed to break up.

Comics Edit source]

Batwoman's adventures can be read in German in the following series of issues.

All of these comics were published by Panini Germany. BATWOMAN 1: HYDROLOGIE is available since 08/07/2012.

In other media Edit source]

Batwoman Kate Kane has not appeared in any other medium until now. But there is the Batman The Animated Series movie Riddles About Batwoman from 2003, in which a Batwoman is introduced into the Animated universe. In the course of the film it turns out that the identity of the Batwoman was assumed there by a total of three different women who work together and were thus able to provide each other with alibis.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • BATWOMAN is the first ongoing "mainstream" comic book series with a lesbian main protagonist.
  • Batwoman, drawn and co-written by J.H. Williams III, won the GLAAD Media Award in the Outstanding Comic Book category this year. This award is given by the LGBT (The Community for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals) and Batwoman can boast of having won this award twice, including Batwomans Run in Detective Comics (also drawn and co-written by JH Williams III) already won the GLAAD Media Award.
  • Kate Kane's stepmother is Jewish, and Kate Kane celebrated Hanukkah with Renée Montoya.
  • Kate Kane currently has short red hair, in her Batwoman disguise she wears a long-haired wig.
  • Kate Kane has two tattoos, one on her back and one on her right arm.
  • Batwomans costume was originally intended to be a darker Batgirl costume. The author Paul Dini asked the draftsman Alex Ross to design a dark, slightly twisted Batgirl costume. Dini actually wanted to use it for Barbara Gordon, whose injuries should heal in a Larzarus pit, which should make her return as a darker Batgirl. In the end, this idea was not implemented and instead it was decided to introduce a Batwoman again, for whom the costume designs were then used.