What is a witch doctor

Diablo 3 Class Guide: The Witch Doctor

The witch doctor in Diablo 3 is its own character class, which we would like to introduce in this class guide in order to make it easier for you to get started with the play of this crazy witcher. The class is a bit similar to the warlock in World of Warcraft, so you can cast powerful curses or summon strong servants, for example. They then really hit your enemies without you having to lift a finger.

General information about the witch doctor in Diablo 3

Depending on the style of play and skills, the witch doctor is designed for a medium or long range. You should avoid close combat, however, because the witch doctor has a large supply of life points by default, but is very susceptible to direct hits due to his light cloth armor.
  • If it should come to hand-to-hand combat, the creepy spell knockers offer you various options to get away from it all. For example, you can scare away opponents with fear or let them fight each other.

Witch Doctor Resource: Mana

The witch doctor's resource is mana. The mana supply increases with the level and is therefore fixed to a certain extent. Since mana is so important for this class, there are a few ways to increase the supply a little.
  • But just increasing the stock is not the most important thing, just a bonus. Especially on higher levels of difficulty, the fights take longer and the resistances of the opponents require more damage to your character. That's why you need enough mana regeneration!
  • You can find this with the witch doctor equipment (e.g. voodoo mask or mojo), which increases the mana regeneration by a value X per second. You can also use a few passive mana regeneration skills.

Diablo 3: Witch Doctor - Primary Attributes

With every level up your attributes improve: intelligence is increased by three and vitality by two points, strength and dexterity by one point each. From this you can already see what the witch doctor is aiming for and therefore you should pay particular attention to intelligence and vitality in the further course of the game. Strength and dexterity are attributes for hand-to-hand combat and are therefore of little interest to the witch doctor.
  • For each point of intelligence, your character receives 1% on the damage it causes by spells and an additional 0.1% on all resistances.
  • For each point of vitality, their life points increase by 10 - 35 units, depending on the level.

Diablo 3: Witch Doctor - Secondary Attributes

The witch doctor, like the magician, is a "damage dealer" who is usually supposed to do as much damage as possible before he himself is in the dirt. So the main thing you should look for in your gear is to increase your damage. The following secondary attributes are important:
  • Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage are the most important secondary attributes. The advantage is that you can use it to increase the damage without quickly draining your mana tank. One disadvantage is that the Witch Doctor does not have any runes or passive abilities to increase his critical hit chance. Only with the high-level equipment can you achieve a decent critical chance. A ratio of critical hit chance to critical damage of 1:10 is ideal.
  • Attack speed is important so that you can deal more attacks and thus cause more damage in a given time. Note, however, that more attacks per second also result in increased mana consumption.
  • In defense, watch out for resistant and life regeneration / life theft. This helps your witch doctor to turn off the demons in the higher levels of difficulty.

The Witch Doctor's Weapons

With ceremonial knives and mojos, Diablo 3 has its own weapons only for the witch doctor. They are even equipped with the important values ​​mana regeneration, increasing the maximum mana or the damage or the mana cost of an ability. However, it is precisely these combinations that are usually priceless or difficult to find.
  • You don't necessarily need these weapons up to Inferno difficulty. It is sufficient if you choose sticks, two-handed swords, crossbows, daggers or one-handed axes and a suitable offhand that increase intelligence and vitality. Most importantly, the damage per second (DPS) is high.
  • But once you hit the Inferno difficulty, you won't be able to do without the special witch doctor bonuses. Then either farm a lot of gold or be lucky with the drops.

Diablo 3: Witch Doctor Play style for solo and groups

In this section we would like to briefly introduce you to a potential style of play and talent distribution that you should be able to get away with quite well in group play as well as solo. Important: some skills can be found in the same category. To do this, under Options> Gameplay> Interface you have to check the box next to Choice mode.
  • The focus of this skill is the offensive spell "Zombie attacker" in combination with the rune "Zombie Bear". These spells cause almost all of your damage.
  • The only medium range of the "zombie bears" and the fact that you have to stop while casting, requires some measures so that you do not fall directly victim to the enemies. So take "mass confusion" with you with the rune "Paranoia".
  • If "Mass Confusion" is not available, you can retreat with "Spirit Walker". As a rune you take either "Healing" or "Guest of Honor" if you have severe mana problems. "Spirit Walker" can often save your life when you are subject to control effects or just want to run away.
  • To get a big damage boost choose "Soul Harvest". To do this, you have to get close to the enemy, but with the "suction" rune you also get a few life points as compensation. Damage is increased by 650% with this ability at level 60.
  • The "fetish army" is an important skill because it gives you both cover and enormous damage. He can protect you and at the same time transport the demons into the afterlife. The recommended runes are "Legion of Daggers" or "Attack of Fetishes".
  • "Big Bad Voodoo" is the finishing touch to your skill. Not only will your group members be happy about this, but also you, because in combination with the "rain dance" rune you can almost shower your enemies with zombie bears. You can do even more damage with the "Dance of Striking" rune, but your mana supply usually doesn't last long.

Passive skills

The witch doctor's passive skills are numerous and many of them really good, which makes it difficult to choose. So it should be said that the best thing to do is to try out what's best for your equipment and style of play. It is only important that you cover the problem areas of the witch doctor: mana consumption, chances of survival and the damage output.
  • Mandatory program: "Spiritual attunement". Your mana pool is increased by 20% and mana regeneration is increased by 1% per second.
  • "Vision search", "One sorrow" and "Blood ritual" are also good for your mana pool.
  • In order to increase your chances of survival, which is more than important and necessary on Inferno, you should pack a "vessel for the spirit". This automatically triggers "Soul Harvest" and "Spirit Walker" when you take a fatal hit.
  • To optimize the damage, you should either take "Tribal Rites" or, better yet, "Between Light and Shadow" with you. The only problem is the high mana consumption in "Between Light and Shadow".
For more special builds and information about the witch doctor, just have a look at the official Blizzard Diablo 3 forum or get the Diablo 3 walkthrough.
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