What's your most annoying Naruto character


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Hello everyone,

I hope I haven't overlooked such a thread now. There are over dozen characters in our ninja world.

Some of them, in my opinion, are totally useless and just plain annoying.

Here you can name your top 3 characters who have been really getting on your nerves
(Filler characters excluded)

My top 3:

1) Karin - Right from the start, I couldn't do anything with this person! This eternal gene affecting Sasuke already excited me a lot with Sakura back then. Only much worse here. Naruto just doesn't need that. It's a shame that Sasuke didn't finish her off after the Kage meeting ..

Then a lot of distance (!)

2) Chōjūrō His manner .. His demeanor .. I just don't like himself. A child with such a thick sword ... I don't have to have it.

3) Yugo ... I don't particularly like him either. Maybe that will change ... In general, I found the Hebi / Taka team really a bit superfluous