How Daemonization Helps Billionaires

DIW study: The demonization of top performers

Germany loves the extreme tremolo. A new study with the highest attention values ​​announced that “rich and poor” would both grow and the middle class, as a guarantor of social stability, was the clear loser of the last ten years. It sounds as if we will soon be experiencing Latin American conditions. But is that also true?

It is true that the middle class in Germany still comprises 60 percent of the population. That's a solid, stable majority. Slight decreases over the last ten years are due to the labor market, but also to private and risky life plans such as divorce and immigration. Germany has changed, has become more open, more international, i.e. more differentiated and therefore more unequal.

The figures also indicate that there was an increase in the wealthy, which is good news, because here too there can be no question of “luxuriant millionaires” who have to be swiftly passed a “champagne tax” (when will these clichés and denunciations finally stop ?!), but from professional groups who contribute a considerable part of the state income with their taxes and duties.

Anyone who treats a society with an egalitarian scythe and only looks at it from the perspective of the needy ends up in a purely distributive state, because transfer recipients did not earn this money; More labor market policy impulses instead of social policy would be necessary in order to achieve the permeability and upward mobility at the bottom that an opportunity-oriented society needs. The lower class is currently growing by itself and not because the middle class is sagging.

The good and healthy thing about Germany is that most people still see themselves as a middle class and want to be perceived. The middle is the great homeland of the Germans and, even if the income is the only nominal value in the statistics, it promises more than the salary, but also means a feeling, an attitude, an inner attitude. And they need to be honored and supported instead of paternalizing “the poor” and demonizing “the rich”.