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Budget speech CDU parliamentary group 2021

Dear Mayor Barth,
Dear colleagues,
dear fellow citizens,

On February 17, 2020, the general debate on the 2020 budget took place in the Denkendorf municipal council. At the time, we were talking about an exceptionally positive economic phase, the conclusion of the 2019 federal budget with a surplus of 13.5 billion euros. Baden-Württemberg is expecting additional income of around one billion euros for the next two years.

In the decree of the Esslingen District Office of March 2nd, 2020 on our 2020 budget, the final sentence was: "In view of this very good starting position, the community of Denkendorf can continue to look optimistically into the future." take - but it didn't come to that.

The world was already a different one. The Corona virus Covid 19 made sure in a very short time worldwide that all economic prognoses were invalid and that all of our lives took a completely different course.

Nobody had a plan for overcoming this crisis, no country on earth, no government, no organization and no medical professional. Those in charge had to make decisions that they did not know whether they would help or whether they would be right.

In retrospect, it turned out that, compared to others, we have very good medical care and our bureaucratic structure has its positive side. All of this has been badly talked about often enough in the past. Recently, when I asked how he was doing, an acquaintance answered me: “I am healthy and have a job.” The pandemic shows us what is important in life and how well we have been since then.

Of course, looking back, a lot could have been done better. Mr. Lindner and Mr. Rülke from the FDP, the Greens in the federal government, the SPD in the state (and partly also in the federal government, although they are sitting there at the government table) and the AfD everywhere tell us about this every day. Strangely enough, none of these had been heard from last spring / summer.

The media bring daily reports about how bad everything is going in the daycare centers and schools and report “vague explanations” that easing depends on the incidence figures. What else?
After the outbreak of a corona mutation in Freiburg, it was the right decision to postpone the opening of primary schools and daycare centers. This shows that you have to react flexibly and, as often quoted, can only “drive on sight”.

A long term strategythe way they are called by the “know-it-alls” is an illusion. The incidence figures and the occupancy of the intensive care units are the yardstick for possible easing.

Everything else is populist demands that only serve to stir up resentment in the population, to strengthen the "twisted thinkers" and the right-wing extremists. We would like to see an end to the constant "rumbling" from all sides - especially from those who do not have to take responsibility for the decisions.

All of this certainly does not help solve the problems. You should think about this in all media coverage. It's astonishing when, for example, you talk to acquaintances who are im School area are active and report that there were certainly starting difficulties on the first day, even with the much criticized “Moodle” learning program, but since then everything has largely been running, including in the emergency care.

Many teachers take care of personal contact with the students, provide tutoring in small groups if necessary and cater to the individual needs of their protégés. In Denkendorf, this seems to work in an exemplary manner in most cases.

The pandemic has already brought some amazing things to light. On April 14, 2020, a school principal could be heard in the SWR3 state show, who said that the German school system, especially in lower school classes, would not collapse due to a few weeks' absence from school. I remember earlier discussions when teachers and parents' associations saw the fall of the West when a few lessons were canceled. What is right now?

Let's be honest - which one Minister of Education it could please everyone, especially at this time. When the parents are satisfied with the decisions they have made, the teachers' associations, educators or unions come and complain - or vice versa. Those who are dissatisfied also accuse the incumbent Minister of Education for being only concerned with the election campaign.

That some from the SPD leadership Health Minister Spahn (CDU) now because of the Vaccine supply attacking publicly, even though they are all sitting at the cabinet table, seems strange. Maybe they played on the cell phone during the deliberations. Certainly not everything went optimally there.

But the procurement through the EU was correct. In contrast to Great Britain and the USA, the EU has joint liability of Biontech / Pfizer in the contract.
It turns out that negotiating with multiple vendors was the right thing to do, now that manufacturing problems arise. But that is the responsibility of the company.

In these times it would be important to report positive things. On January 21, 2021 there was a comment worth reading in the Esslinger Zeitung from Ms. Lisa Welzhofer, who wrote at the end: “And in between it would be good to yourself to praise each other for itwhat has so far been achieved by everyone - parents, educators, politicians. "This would give strength to overcome the crisis, which can only be done together.

We are happy to agree, especially with the involvement of everyone working in the health and care sector, public administration (expressly including ours), those working in the supply sector and those who ensure our safety. Thanks to all those who tackle, help, organize and do their job in this difficult time for all people on earth.

What impact the corona pandemic will have on our economy has, that remains to be seen. As a result of the second wave, many forecasts were revised downwards. District Administrator Eininger put it aptly: "In the year 2021 some things will be clearer and the year 2022 the year of truth". As the recession in 2003 and 2009 showed, however, it is clear that public budget revenues will fall and social costs will rise.

What are the consequences of the Climate change and the ideologically influenced one-sided switch to e-mobility is also not yet taken into account. But this will have an impact on the automotive state of Baden-Württemberg. Then who pays all the social benefits? Our Minister of Economic Affairs, Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, put it aptly in the steering committee: “The transformation of the transport sector must therefore not only take ecological aspects into account, but also economic and social aspects”.

During this crisis, it was essential to support the economy, especially the hospitality and retail sectors, with financial packages. In our district, people are particularly worried about the bus companies and therefore also about the Public transport. The falling passenger numbers associated with the pandemic are causing massive losses. For 2021, a shortfall in income of 300 million euros is expected.

These losses must be paid for with taxpayers' money. If some politicians are currently enjoying pouring out the cornucopia on all sides, one has to worry.

The Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) demands that the state should not “save to death”, the Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) repeats his proposal to discharge the 2,500 highly indebted municipalities in Germany (after he had previously unpacked the “Bazooka”).

The former minister of education in the state, Andreas Stoch (SPD), is now also trying to implement what he did not manage during his term of office. As he is calling for free daycare places wants to finance, he certainly doesn't know that himself. However, this cannot be at the expense of the municipalities. This also applies to a 365.00 euro annual ticket - for everyone! - in public transport.

Making these demands without knowing what the pandemic and Brexit will cost us so far does not seem responsible and is at the expense of future generations. That is why the abolition of the debt brake is completely wrong, although it will certainly have to be adjusted to the current crisis over the next few years.

However, there was a positive event in 2020. Joe Biden was elected 46th President of the United States and Donald Trump had to leave the White House. What happened in front of and in the Washington Capitol on January 6, 2021, to prevent the formal confirmation of the election result, came as a shock to any sincere Democrat.

This should be a warning for everyone who thinks that we have to polarize more and more, attack our political opponents more and more, and demand things that we know that some of them cannot be implemented at all. That is why all those in our country and in this crisis who just talk badly and attack those responsible without having their own concepts should think about what they are doing with it. This only strengthens the radical forces and harms our democracy.

Boris Palmer, Green Mayor of Tübingen, not the favorite member of the Greens, was quoted in the development cooperation on May 9, 2020, that the Greens were involved in transforming democracy into an ** "arena of indignation" **. Some should think about this sentence.

The political scientist and historian Dr. Felix Heidenreich says about the crisis of democracy: Democracy is not a pizza service. Citizens must not always just make claims, they have to allow themselves to be claimed. John F. Kennedy said in his inaugural address as President of the United States: Don't ask what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country!

Some citizens still expect more services, but only want to contribute little themselves. No state can function like this in the long term.

When Ms. Baerbock and Mr. Habeck (Greens) promise everywhere that you don't have to do anything anymore, everything is guaranteed for you from the cradle to the deathbed, they should also say who pays for all this. This deprives people of all motivation to be proactive, to be creative and to drive themselves. This also takes away from them the joy, happiness and satisfaction that you feel when you have worked for something yourself.

The federal government and the state - but also we in Denkendorf - have done well to ensure solid budgets in the economically strong years. This is good for us in these difficult times. The old, wise saying ** "Save time, then you have an emergency" ** has once again come true. After all, most of them also take this into account in their private lives.

Certainly, we can again expect a good cash surplus in the budget for the 2020 budget. But the plan for 2021 is just 100,000 euros. And as stated by Mr. Schürrle, there remains a in the balance negative result of 1.5 million. For the first time we cannot generate the resulting depreciation.

Thanks to the available reserves, this will not rob us of sleep at first, but in the long run it affects the substance. This must be taken into account in all decisions.

The costs in Childcare area have increased enormously in the last few years - which is worth every penny to us. Thanks to the brief information created by the finance department a few years ago - thank you very much for this - this can be read off wonderfully. In 2018, the subsidy requirement was 2.8 million euros or 259 euros per inhabitant. In the 2021 budget, this is already 3.5 million / 311 euros per inhabitant.

Parental contributions, fees, investments and depreciation are not taken into account. Not to mention the commitment of the kindergarten providers, who invest a lot of voluntary work here and to whom we would like to express our thanks at this point. Against this background, how Mr Stoch wants to finance the demand for free daycare places across the country seems puzzling and dubious to us.

The news from the Prime Minister at the end of January was encouraging that the state will take over 80% of compensation payments for childcare facilities from January 11, 2021 until they reopen. However, at that time he was still assuming the gradual opening on February 1st. We'll see what actually goes down with us.

In order for us to be able to meet the legal requirements for the provision of childcare places from the first year of life, additional rooms are required, which is proven by our requirements planning. After extensive tests, including at the existing locations, the new building was the best solution.

We are looking forward to the architectural competition for the ** Kinderhaus "Alter Eichwald" ** in May, in which sustainability and economic efficiency must have a high preference.

The one to be created annually Requirements planning was already available to us in May of last year. Thanks to Ms. Steinacker, who insisted on preparing the planning before her maternity leave.

In its statement on requirements planning, the district office emphasized that the administration is thinking about the further training offers for day care professionals. This is one of the “feel-good factors” that applicants pay attention to, especially with regard to the acquisition of skilled workers, as well as the structural quality of the facility. This is especially the one Merit of the kindergarten providers.

The district office classified the allocation of places for the day nurseries, with a simultaneous view of follow-up care, as very valuable in terms of educational technology and pedagogy. In the end, the authority attests: "The far-reaching view of the community of Denkendorf on the families and their living conditions is clearly shown in their requirements planning".

It should be noted that, according to the latest calculations for 2020, Baden-Württemberg has a personnel key of 3.1 for groups with children under three years of age. This is by far the best value among the regional states, with an average of 4.2 nationwide. Much is not so bad in the country, even if some parties want to suggest this on their election posters.

With the completion of the renovation and extension on the Ludwig Uhland School the community has created good structural conditions for students and teachers at both school locations, but as we know - we're never finished.

In the grammar school association with Ostfildern and Neuhausen, allocations for modernization and expansion of both grammar schools amounting to an average of almost 900,000 euros per year are due for the coming years.

The corona pandemic has the weaknesses regarding the Broadband coverage, but also the media equipment in schools. But it has also pushed the elimination of defects and the implementation of measures.

With the implementation of the Media development plan and better broadband coverage, a significant improvement will be achieved this year. The 100,000 approved by the federal government in February 2020. Euros and currently 250,000 committed funds for broadband expansion are not only pleasing to our treasurers.

Even if this should be interpreted as campaign rhetoric, we would like to thank our member of the Bundestag Markus Grübel, who was very committed to it.

It is true that the federal and state governments have already provided a variety of funds for better equipment and IT staff. Such grants are initially one-off, but the follow-up costs must not be left to the school authorities alone.

Against this background, we believe that the Property tax B Adjust moderately, especially since we are at the lower end of comparable municipalities here in the district. Was this the right time? There is never the right time to adjust taxes.

In normal or good times, everyone says: Why do you have to adjust taxes now, the community is doing fine. In bad times they say, why do you have to do this right now?

In 2020, the loss of income at the Business tax well compensated by the state equalization. The lower income at the Income tax can thus be almost compensated. But Corona will look different in the coming years, because you don't have to be an economic expert.

As mentioned before, a new building is required for childcare. In the future, this will make itself felt in the households in the follow-up costs and will be reflected in the lack of kindergarten providers. If we wanted to charge all of this to the parents through the fees, the childcare places would only be affordable for a few.

We therefore consider it to be in solidarity if we Loads on everyone's shoulders to distribute. Because the property tax applies to everyone - whether owner or tenant.And those who need more living space also pay more than those who have less.

It is nicer to distribute charities in the honorary office of the municipal council. In Denkendorf, it is easy for us to quickly spend over two or three million on schools, education or climate protection.

If we want to maintain this leeway in order to continue in the future Care area and in the education To maintain our standards, we have to take countermeasures in good time and also be ready to make decisions that are not necessarily popular and may also provoke criticism. That is also part of this office.

That is why we approved the administrative proposal in December, which also meant maintaining the current trade tax rate. This was an important and correct signal at that time.

In addition, the owners of undeveloped land or vacant apartments also pay. With this measure, we are also promoting the universally required goal, the Interior development to advance and Vacancies to reduce.

Climate protection has been pushed into the background somewhat by the pandemic. Although at the beginning of the lockdown one had the impression - nature is good. In spring 2020, the district decided on a comprehensive ** climate protection concept ** with 262 pages and another 600 pages with so-called "profiles" for the municipalities.

The aim is to expand and optimize a wide range of climate protection activities in the municipal, private and commercial sectors. With the guiding principle, which is also included, all future planning and measures should always be based on sustainable development and a high level of responsibility for resources.

The process was started with six so-called ** "lighthouse projects" **: the creation of a climate protection agency, climate protection management at the Medius clinics, the new, climate-friendly building of the district office and the "flexible mobility" project, a competition for the house of the future Award of a special prize for energy and climate protection.

Further measures, such as B. public relations, the expansion of Park & ​​Ride parking lots, events for cycling, but also nutrition projects at schools and daycare centers - should bring us closer to the long-term goal of ** "climate neutrality" **. This is of course a long-term process and cannot be implemented overnight.

But climate protection also starts with the small things. It is important that we include children and young people. Careful use of energy or the approach against careless throwing away of packaging are also part of climate protection.

You can sing a song about littering in every municipality, both here and especially in the cities where ** "Friday for Future" demonstrations ** take place. Afterwards, the city cleaning department has to clear away the rubbish with lots of people and vehicles.

There everyone is jumping after the ** green icon Luisa Neubauer **, who admits that her ecological footprint in her early 20s is already very high, especially due to flying around the globe (currently perhaps a little less).
She likes to be photographed with Greta Thunberg and denounces the federal government's climate policy. It's just like the devil selling holy water.

And if you really want to protect the climate, this also means ** doing without ** - doing without what you love: skiing, the weekend trip to Malle or even cruises have to be canceled. Argentinian beef steak is also eliminated from the menu, as is mango, papaya or other fruits from tropical regions. And there is no longer a parent taxi to school either. Many things that the older generation only dreamed of.

In one minute, tropical rainforest, the size of three football fields, is cut down in the Amazon region. This environmental offense has increased again. We must also make the population more aware of this. Because rich countries like us encourage this through excessive meat consumption. There are enough similar examples.

You can talk about ** climate protection but also ** positives to report. It is encouraging that the EU emitted - 3.7% fewer greenhouse gases in 2019 than in the previous year. This is the lowest level since 1990. Since then, emissions have fallen by around 25%, despite the fact that the gross domestic product has increased by 60% since then.

For better flood protection, but also for ecological improvements through the Renaturation of the Körsch, took care of the renovation in the area of ​​Heinrich-Werner-Straße. The appealing and improved streetscape has certainly also convinced the skeptics since then.

Almost unnoticed, because it was a bit out of the way, but also owed to the pandemic, the "Care at Denkendorf Monastery“Inaugurated. Architecturally, the building fits very well into the monastery ensemble.

Both projects were tackled as part of the Kloster / Körsch redevelopment area, which was initiated under Mayor Peter Jahn in 2010, and have now been completed after ten years. The drilling of the "thick boards" was worth it.

We look forward to the starting shot for the development plan for the industrial area Northern Albstraße and partly connected to the fact that local companies can keep their location with us. It goes without saying that the ecological consequences are kept as low as possible through energy-efficient construction, green roofs and planting.

This is also associated with the resettlement of the Building yard, which means that the site in Sudetenstrasse can now be used for residential development.
For us, this is a welcome compensation for the fact that that Residential area "Wasserreute“Had to be reduced in size.

Taking care of the refugees currently requires less effort due to the reduced number of incoming refugees. The supervisory group is only required to a limited extent. Nevertheless, it is good to know that volunteers are available here if necessary.

Integration is an important part, which is why the continuation of the good work of our integration managers, Ms. Sanchez and Ms. Treyz, met with our full approval.

The process "Municipal district development - Getting older in the neighborhood ”is an important project due to the demographic development. It is intended to help people who are getting older and older to live as long as possible in their familiar environment. What everyone wants.

We are also looking forward to the implementation of the Model project “Ortsmitten - making it accessible and livable together", Which is planned for the area of ​​the" ox crossing ". As one of 20 municipalities in the state, Denkendorf was selected here, which includes free support from planners. We hope for impulses here for the redesign of this central area in our community. The suggestions of the citizens will of course be incorporated here.

From our point of view, the administration has been doing an excellent job for decades.
We have always appreciated this. But most of the time, praise is neglected. Especially in such a crisis, where there is no "blueprint" for what to do, the good and high-quality cooperation becomes apparent. For this, the CDU parliamentary group would like to thank you, Mayor Barth and your employees, very warmly.

At this point, thanks again to the former head of the main office, Mr. Fritz Berner, whom we said goodbye in December. For around 33 years he has worked in an exemplary manner for the well-being of the citizens of Denkendorf.

Thanks also to everyone who volunteers in our community - regardless of the area - who see where the man or woman is in need and help tackle what is necessary.

Thank you for your attention, ladies and gentlemen.

Peter Nester parliamentary group chairman

February 22, 2021

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