Competitive intelligence is a growing field

Competitive Intelligence

"In his book, Rainer Michaeli illuminates in an easily understandable way the (legal) ways and possibilities of competitive intelligence (CI) in companies from the introduction to the problem to implementation in practice. Many different approaches, methods and potentials with their advantages and disadvantages are pointed out without hiding the problems of the CI. The practical relevance and the various possibilities of implementation in companies are described on the basis of many contributions from practice. This book is therefore not only for "old hands" who are looking for additional food for thought , interesting, but also suitable for large and small companies that want to develop a working analysis of the competitive environment without making the typical rookie mistakes. "

Michael Schürer, Global Industry and Competition Intelligence, DaimlerChrysler AG


"Finally a comprehensive reference work on competitive intelligence that can be used in practice for beginners and experts! The reader receives inspiration from a high degree of practical relevance, tips for immediate operational implementation and a large number of case studies from national and international companies." Competitive Intelligence " should be a MUST for every CI professional! "

Anja Kober, Vice President Audit Marketing, Sales and Customer Service, Deutsche Telekom Headquarters, Bonn


"With this book, a comprehensive, practice-oriented presentation of competitive intelligence is finally available. It is suitable for familiarization with the field of CI in self-study as well as as a textbook for a systematic introductory course in company and university education and training."

Dr.-Ing. Lothar Simon, managing director of eidon products & services GmbH and lecturer, chair for business informatics, Faculty of Economics, TU Dresden


"The balanced mix of theory, background information and practical examples should be emphasized. In two chapters, possible applications as well as advantages and disadvantages of basic and advanced analysis techniques from the perspective of competitor analysis are shown and illustrated with examples. The section on CI implementation in companies is based on the experience of the author, which he was able to gather in his many years of consultancy: success factors, procedures and numerous possible forms of organization are presented and analyzed. In summary, this book is absolutely recommendable. "

Prof. Dr. phil. Martin Michelson, dean of the "Information and Knowledge Management" department, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences


From the reviews:

"... observing the market and competitors has long been a matter of course, which has been classified under the umbrella term market research. However, Rainer Michaeli understands 'strategic competition observation' to be something that goes far beyond the possibilities of market research. In his book, he presents various targeted ones Measures to monitor competition, approaches, ideas and techniques to conduct more effective research. " (in: business bestseller, 2007, Issue 47, p. 43)


"... In this book, the balancing act between a reference work for the practitioner and a textbook is successfully mastered. A clear strength lies in the direct practical relevance and the numerous case studies. In summary, it can be stated that all sub-areas of the competition analysis are systematically recorded and proven with positive examples ... By successfully combining theoretical basics with implementation in operational practice, the book sets a standard that other publications, not only in German-language literature, can hardly match ... "(Ralf Wagner, in: Information Wirtschaft & Praxis, 2008, Vol. 59, Issue 5, p. 331 f.)