What is not recognizable

Swap: Agreement "not recognizable"

For the Mayor of Linz Klaus Luger (SPÖ) in the swap affair, any "chances of an agreement are not objectively discernible". He noted this on Tuesday at a press conference on the renewal of the Linz SPÖ.

“It is well known that an agreement always takes two,” Luger pointed out. There are no direct contacts with BAWAG P.S.K. more, "neither from me nor from the legal team". At the moment, only briefs are being processed and exchanged.

Next assembly at the end of September in Vienna

At the end of September there will be the next hearing before the Commercial Court of Vienna in the dispute. A decision by the Vienna Higher Regional Court on the Linz objection due to bias against an expert in the process is still open. The mayor confirmed that the city had submitted an application to the Linz Public Prosecutor to resume the investigation against an ex-BAWAG employee in connection with the swap affair.

The public prosecutor's office had conducted the proceedings against four named - partly former - employees of the bank as well as against any unknown perpetrators. But she ended it because there was neither a deliberate deception of the city of Linz nor a contributor to the infidelity.

Still suspected fraud against bank employee

The city accepts the prosecution's point of view regarding the three men. With one woman, however, there is still suspicion of fraud in Linz, Luger justified the legal step. On the part of the city, ex-city councilor Johann Mayr (SPÖ) and ex-finance director Werner Penn were acquitted of the allegation of infidelity in December last year. The judgment is now final.

The swap affair was originally just a subordinate clause in connection with the actual topic of the press conference on the renewal of the SPÖ in Linz. Luger judged the current political climate that it was better not to argue so much anymore. According to his impression, it is the aim of all parties to avert damage to the city - "that was not always the case".