Where can I learn more about the basics of getting started

Basic information Dynamics 365 Sales

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Start here and learn more about the various sales offerings and their user interface.

Switch to the sales apps

  1. Sign in to Microsoft 365, select the Microsoft 365 app launcher, then select the icon for Dynamics 365


    The apps available to you in the app launcher depend on your subscription.

  2. To open the sales hub, select the tile for Sales hub (Uniform user interface).

Navigate using the site map

The following image shows the sales hub site map or menu that you can use to navigate to the different areas of the app.

Open or collapse the site map.
Access the recently used items you've worked on or the customers you've pinned.
Access all the data you need to communicate with customers, manage your sales-related records, etc.
Switch between distribution, Settings and training.

Understand the app data

You work with different customer records and record types every day as you guide customers through the business processes and collect the data to fill in the fields for their records - and ultimately to win them over as customers.

  • What is a dataset? In Dynamics 365 Sales there is a record a complete unit of information, for example all information about a single contact. You can think of this as a row in a table. Example: Every time you add a new company to the app, you create a new record in the sales app.

  • What is a record type? Every record you add to the system belongs to a specific one Record type, for example a company, a contact, a lead or an opportunity.

Fast Entry - Enter records quickly

The QuickCreate command makes it easy to enter any type of information into the system. The command is located on the navigation bar so that it is always available when you need to enter information into the new system.

With quick creation you only have to fill in a few fields. You can fill them out in more detail later when you have more time or more information.

  1. Select the button on the navigation bar New and then select the item you want.


    On a mobile device, tap the symbol in the navigation bar and then on Create quick menu.

  2. Fill in the fields, then select to save out.