Can masturbation stunt your growth?

Muscles or masturbation: Does masturbation really flatten bulging muscles?

What is there not to all scintillating myths around the topic masturbation - times masturbation is said to cause nasty ulcersAt other times, masturbation is said to impregnate the executive limbs and of course the claim that masturbation is blind should not be ignored. Another rumor has it that masturbation was even a painful exercise in the gym Muscles dwindling - reason enough to take a closer look at this supposed myth.

Muscle building disturbed by masturbation? That’s the part of the myth

If you like to strengthen your biceps in the gym, you naturally want your bulging muscles to be preserved for as long as possible. But if you believe a common myth, the muscle splendor is gone faster than expected and the building of further muscle mass remains unsuccessful - a little more with each masturbation. Sounds far fetched? But it is not, if you believe the YouTube channel of the fitness experts at PictureFit. A clip describes exactly why too much masturbation tends to reduce muscle mass rather than build it up.

Testosterone and muscle building: this is how the hormone affects the muscles

As the experts explain, it plays hormonetestosterone an important role. The testosterone level is decisive for how much muscle mass a person can build. Masturbation also has an impact on hormone levels - with every ejaculation, the testosterone level changes in a negative way. I mean: The more often a man himself with solosex busy, the lower his testosterone levels will be and the harder it will be to gain muscle mass through training in the gym.

More testosterone thanks to abstinence - this is why masturbating flattens your muscles

Studies support this theory: For example, the testosterone level was examined in men who were abstinent for seven days, i.e. who neither had sex nor did anything themselves. It was found that these subjects actually had more testosterone in their blood. It was also noticeable that the testosterone level was higher in the early morning than at other times of the day - so if you go to the gym in the morning and train your muscles, you have a higher chance of bulging muscles. Such training units should also keep the testosterone level consistently higher throughout the day.

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