Fast metabolisms are really a thing

Slow metabolism: do you also fall into these 10 traps?

It never works like this with weight loss & muscle building ...

A slow metabolism is often a big problem when you can't lose weight and you're not building muscle. Virtually everything you look at is deposited on your stomach and co. In short: a slow metabolism slow down your successes. So come here 10 metabolic mistakesthat you should avoid for the sake of your gains:

Slow Metabolism - Mistake # 1: Irregular Meals & Starving yourself

Your body takes its Energy from regular nutrient intake. If you eat very irregularly and have long periods of hunger in between, your metabolism switches to the back burner and only the bare minimums are needed Metabolic processes active. The Burning fat and building muscle are at the back. Overall, the body consumes less energy than with a constant supply of nutrients. With adequate nutrient supply is the Metabolic activity increases and you use up some energy, which then helps you lose weight. And when enough nutrients are available, it is easier to build muscle. So stay away from a diet that will only lead you into the yo-yo trap!

Speaking of the yo-yo trap: Here you can see how losing weight works without the yo-yo effect! Otherwise you can also take a look at my diet plan for losing weight and pick up some tips there!

Slow Metabolism - Mistake # 2: Skipping Breakfast

Do you want to save breakfast because you want to save calories for the day? The radical form of dinner canceling is not a good idea. Your body has used up the available energy overnight. With a high-carbohydrate, high-protein breakfast you would offer the body enough nutrients and correspondingly energy. Without the necessary energy drives your metabolism down extremely.

As already described above, they run Metabolic processes with too little energy very slowly. When you then eat something again, your blood sugar level shoots up, a lot of insulin is produced, the blood sugar level drops again. Cravings are the result.

You can find out in this article how exercising on an empty stomach can help you lose weight.

Slow metabolism - mistake # 3: eating too little protein & fat

Two natural Metabolism Booster are protein and complex carbohydrates. Your body has to work hard to break down the proteins and the polysaccharides so that it can continue to use them. With the right food you can get the most out of your Stimulate metabolism. Your muscles are supplied with protein. In addition, the protein and the carbohydrates will keep you full for a long time, the Blood sugar level remains constant, Insulin is hardly released and there is no cravings. A high insulin levels prevent you from losing weight. The less insulin your body releases, the better it works with burning fat.

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Healthy fats are also important for your metabolism. Fat is also a natural source of energy and part of your cells. Without enough healthy fatty acids, the metabolism does not function properly and muscle building comes to a standstill. For a full muscle building nutrition plan, click here!

Slow Metabolism - Mistake # 4: Too Little & Bad Sleep

Too little and interrupted sleep mean stress for your body. During sleep, the body normally regenerates itself, without sufficient rest that comes Metabolic processes messed up. Those who sleep too little also tend to eat high-calorie foods more often and have less strength. These are all not good prerequisites for losing weight and building muscle. So sleep at least 8 hours continuously and so stimulate your metabolism! In addition, sleep is not only good for your metabolism, but also for your overall health and fitness. Who has enough strength on the iron when completely overtired?

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Slow Metabolism - Mistake # 5: Too Much Alcohol

The body is busy breaking down alcohol and Fat loss and Co. do not work. The sugar from the alcohol causes your insulin levels to rise and then fall again shortly afterwards. The fluctuations in your blood sugar level also promote food cravings and the high level of insulin prevents fat burning. Not ideal if you want to lose weight, especially since alcohol also has a lot of calories.
more on the subject Alcohol and exercise can be found here! And you should also skip exercise with residual alcohol ...

Slow Metabolism - Mistake # 6: Sugar Excess & Empty Calories

Having too much sugar and empty calories will just pushed your blood sugar level. The released insulin lowers the blood sugar level again, but with a high sugar consumption it can happen that afterwards too little sugar remains in the blood and you hypo. Cravings are inevitable. The metabolism is paralyzed by the fluctuations. The insulin prevents fat burning.
But you just can't do without the sweet taste ?! But: how much sugar is healthy? But you can also go to these Sugar alternatives grab it or try out my fitness desserts and the other delicious things in the recipe area! Guaranteed fitness-friendly!

Slow metabolism - Mistake # 7: Drinking too little water

It is not news that the body consists of almost 70 percent water. Water is the most important thing for the body, there Without a regular intake of fluids, many metabolic processes do not work. The metabolism is even slowed down without enough fluids. Losing weight with water is not a myth at all. So make sure you drink enough. About 2 liters per day should be in there. But you can't stipulate how much each of you must drink in such a blanket manner. It all depends on what temperatures are outside, how much and intensely you have trained and so on! And by the way, drinking really means drinking water here. Because with their calories, fruit juices, milk and the like are sometimes more food than drinks. But if pure water is too lame for you in the long run, then give vitamin water a try! In the article you will also find some recipes for that Infused water. And for a better overview of the usual drinks, it's best to take a look at the article Calories in drinks.

Slow Metabolism - Mistake # 8: Too Much Fast Food & Ready-Made Products

I don't need to tell you that a lot of fast food and ready-made products are not healthy. Lots of unnecessary, empty calories, unhealthy, saturated fats and, in addition, the body gets stressed by the artificial additives. The extremely slows down the metabolism. How exactly stress Boycotted you in the gym, by the way, you can find out here: Cortisol & muscle building and stress hormones.

Slow Metabolism - Mistake # 9: Don't do weight training

Are you good at training, but you can't gain muscle mass? A slow metabolism can also come from this if you too little sport makes. Those of you who move too little need to get through one slow metabolism not surprised. The body is no longer active and slows down its processes. So then just do cardio training ?! Cardio is good for fat loss, but muscles consume energy even when resting, and the afterburn effect is beneficial when losing weight. Therefore: rely on you when training Mix of cardio and strength training. And if you also do too much endurance training, then you no longer have a slow metabolism, but you attack your gains ... Cardio when building muscle is only good as a support for strength training.

Slow Metabolism - Mistake # 10: No Fiber

Vegetables and fruits, whole grain products, nuts, seeds and legumes do not appear in your diet ?! No wonder you guys have one slow metabolism has haunted. The digestion and metabolism of vitamins, minerals and macronutrients cannot really get going without fiber. The digestive system becomes sluggish with so little work, and with it your metabolism. So from now on, pack foods with fiber in your diet. They make you guys long fed up and yours Well, the digestive system has something to do with it. Advantage for those of you who are willing to lose weight: Dietary fiber has very few calories and a lot of mass at the same time.

Conclusion: slow metabolism - what now?

If you avoid these 10 mistakes and heed the tips, then yours will become slow metabolism also on again faster metabolism. So don't panic: one slow metabolism regenerates itself if you pay attention to a balanced and healthy diet, get enough sleep and rely on a good mix of strength training and cardio. The regeneration but can take some time. So slowly push your metabolism back in the right direction. It is best to rely on these fat killer foods in the near future to stimulate your fat burning and do enough exercise.

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How about you - are you already in one of these traps for one slow metabolism tapped?

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