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Many couples have probably already experienced this situation: At the beginning of a relationship, you are really hot for each other and cannot leave your partner at all. But work and everyday life creep in at some point, which can also have an impact on sex life.

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To get some momentum back into bed, you can grab one or the other toy, but the way to a sex shop quickly becomes a hurdle. Somehow it's always easy to feel uncomfortable in such businesses. Asking an employee for advice: unthinkable!

The other option would be to simply order everything online. The only problem is, once you have torn open the packaging, just to take a closer look at the contents, you can no longer exchange the supposed object of desire. No matter whether you like it or not.

The dream: to get sex toys home, to be able to touch them exactly, to drink a glass of champagne and to hear real testimonials from other women, to laugh and just have a lot of fun. And very important: to get pleasure - offers exactly that!

Become a host

Would you like to have a PepperParty at your home? Do you want to invite all of your friends over to your home and receive professional advice? PepperParty will send you a consultant. How it works? Go to and register as a host. A consultant in your area will contact you.

As a host, you make your living room available for you, your friends and the counselor for an afternoon or evening. As a reward, you will receive non-cash prizes from the range amounting to 10 percent of the party sales!

Theme parties

Whether as a bachelorette party, birthday party, little black party, wine and chocolate or sex and the city evening - your PepperParty can have a theme and thus become even more special. One thing is already clear: you and your friends will remember this exciting evening for a long time!

Become a consultant

Have you already been to a PepperParties as a host or guest, or are you just interested in becoming a PepperParties consultant? Then simply register at As a consultant you can earn good money, without stress and according to your own schedule.

Whether as a side income or with full commitment and corresponding profit - your career opportunities are as diverse as the range. As a PepperParties consultant, you present and explain the range to your customers and take their orders.

PepperParties then takes over the delivery of the products - you receive a monthly sales commission and can concentrate fully on the parties.

Money & Recognition

As your own boss, with PepperParties you have the chance to decide for yourself how much you work and earn - according to your time options and financial needs. Whether in addition to family life, studies or work or as a full-time job: With PepperParties you can build your own existence!

Training & support

From online training to face-to-face seminars, PepperParties offers you a wide range of training and support options. Once a month there is an advanced seminar at different locations. And where possible, PepperPartys organize on-site support for you by an experienced consultant. In no case will you incur any costs.

Get pleasure? You can request job information free of charge and without obligation at!

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