Why does Roger Sterling work

Roger Sterling meets the great customer Honda and Sally Draper meets growing up. Serienjunkies.de editor Vladislav Tinchev is able to announce insightfully: If you drive in circles, you will not get any further.

The first three seasons of Mad Men already had one or two long-winded episodes, but The Chrisanthemum and the Sword stands out negatively in the new season so far. For the entire duration, with very small exceptions, it is boring and "over the top" at the same time. What sets Mad Men apart is the show's subtle way of working on its characters. However, this episode shows that the AMC-Production is at a crossroads.

What step should the figures take next? When the series needs a pause to pause to think about which direction to go, Sally (Kiernan Shipka) and Betty Draper (January Jones) are allowed to take the stage. At least that's the feeling. This episode reminds us once again what kind of mother Betty is and what effect the divorce has on Sally. Well, we already knew that. And we knew how sensitive Roger Sterling (John Slattery) is to WWII. A Japanese company, of all things, Honda, could become Sterling & Co.'s new big customer.

The Betty Sally story and the Roger Honda story somehow seem like Mad Men clichés. Don Draper (Jon Hamm), on the other hand, is the episode's hero in several ways. Not only does he not condemn Sally's actions (cutting hair, masturbation), but saves her HondaCampaign after Roger pounded it with his brilliant performance in front of the Japanese. The best part of the Honda story is the argument between Pete and Roger that almost ends in a fight. Mad Men has been working on the Roger Pete Conflict for a while and seems to be waiting for the right time to blow it up.

At first glance, Betty explodes because of Sally, but actually because her world is spinning in circles and she doesn't move. She cannot get away from herself, but neither can she find herself. The scene when she stares dreamily at the dolls in Sally's psychiatrist's office shows us in a very beautiful way the woman who lost herself a long time ago and could no longer find herself. The best scene in the episode? Peggy Olson rides a motorcycle in a circle in the empty film studio. Not only an amusing scene, but also a beautiful symbol for the current state of the series and its characters.

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