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Definition and explanation of the management term "reputation management":

The term Reputation management refers to the targeted monitoring and influencing of the reputation or image of a person, an organization or a product in the media and in the perception of the relevant stakeholders.

importance Reputation management increases

The topic Reputation management is becoming increasingly important for the success of companies in the digital age, as their target customers (and other business partners) are no longer just (online) channels and media available to them to find out about the company and their products due to the Internet, among other things inform, but also to communicate their experiences and assessments of them.

The same applies to your (ex and potential) employees - for example using employer rating portals such as Kununu.

Reputation management becomes more complex

In addition, the number of factors influencing customers' purchase decisions, among other things, is increasing. For example, for many customers today, factors such as “sustainability” and “corporate governance” play an important role in their purchasing decisions. This is one of the reasons why the topic wins Reputation management important for the success of companies.

Reputation management with K&P

The management consultancy Dr. Kraus & Partner supports companies in building a professional Reputation managements as well as monitoring and targeted influencing of their reputation with the relevant stakeholders - such as target customers, (potential) employees, suppliers, financiers, among others.

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