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Ticketmaster is the world's largest online ticket marketplace where users can discover, buy, transfer and sell event tickets. As the global leader in live event ticketing, Ticketmaster sells its tickets through its website and the two main fulfillment centers in West Virginia and Texas for the primary and secondary markets. The company's customers include venues, artists, and promoters. Artists who use Ticketmaster's service include Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. Ticketmaster is too official ticketing partner of the NHL, NFL, NBA, USTA, PGA Tours, a number of MLB and MLS teams. The company currently operates in 29 countries and processes more than 500 million ticket transactions each year across a variety of platforms, including its app and website.

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Ticketmaster was founded in Arizona in 1976 and went public in 1995 when the website www.ticketmaster.com premiered. Ticketmaster has been a since then Industry pioneer and a leader in technological advances in live entertainment and ticket sales. This computer-assisted ticketing idea was realized by Peter Gadwa, a computer programmer, and Albert Leffler, a cash desk specialist, as well as their co-founders Gordon Gunn III, Thomas Hart Jr., Dan Reeter and Jerry Nelson. The company was founded when it was looking for a solution to the inefficient Ticketing system was looking for. Ticketmaster's first ticket concert to be sold was the Electric Light Orchestra at the University of New Mexico. By 1985 the company had moved to Los Angeles and had expanded its market activities to the USA, Canada and Europe. Today the company is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California and has 32 Branches around the world including New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Los Angeles (headquarters), Melbourne and London.
In 2010, Ticketmaster merged with Live Nation to become Live Nation Entertainment and grows into an even larger live entertainment company. This partnership with Live Nation Entertainment has enabled Ticketmaster to move into new Programs and Technologies including Ticket bots to invest. In this way, the two companies have become leaders in the fight against bots and have created the Verified Fan program, which requires consumers to enter information into the system. Buying tickets has then become easier for consumers as they can always ask for the ticket directly and get the answer, except for the ticket. In 2017 Ticketmaster launched Presence, the next generation of digital engagement software and the Access to venuesthat enables digital ticketing. With Presence, ticket holders can either use their mobile devices via the Ticketmaster app or about the Apple wallet turn into an entrance ticket.

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Ticketmaster provides ticketing services for live concerts, sports, arts, Broadway shows, theater, and other events. It offers tickets through its retail stores as well as through others Retail partner and online. Customers check their events and place them Ticket prices firmly. Ticketmaster sells tickets that customers make available to them. In addition to his business trip, Ticketmaster has acquired several other ticketing companies including Ticketron, TicketWeb Inc., Front Gate Tickets, Stobe Labs, TicketHour, Universe and UPGRADED. Today Ticketmaster has over 12,000 customers worldwide with more than 425 million events sold each year.


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I would love to display the shed.
After the event was canceled due to Corona, the choice was made between a refund or a voucher. I decided in favor of the reimbursement and months later, after asking several times, I found out that the organizer had decided to insist on a voucher. I then stated that I could not keep another appointment due to a chronic illness. After another request on my part to reimburse the amount, I was assured that the amount can be reimbursed. I filled out the necessary form and sent it back. An automatically generated email then told me that the order was being processed.
After another few weeks that had passed, I called Ticketmaster and found out that the amount had already been refunded on October 30th, 2020 and that I should check my accounts. I could not find any receipt of money and called ticketmaster again. During the phone call, an error in the manual transfer was explained to me as an excuse, I should be patient for a few days, the money will be transferred again. After another two weeks moved into the country, I sent an email to ask for a call back, which never came. So I called again, put off again, my patience slowly became less. I explained that this process has been going on since August and I can't understand why a transfer can take so long. Again I was asked to be patient for another week. One week later (yesterday December 16, 2020) again no money in the account. Another call to Ticketmaster, the lady on the phone created the case again and assured me that I would be called back (again, it did not take place).
The event was supposed to take place in May 2020, I applied for the refund in August, the wrong transfer was on October 30th. To date, they have not managed to fix a mistake they made.
I will never order from this club again!

By: Marcus Marcus 17-12-2020


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Ticketmaster is primarily active in the vacation industry, with a focus on software solutions, other services.

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