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Animal Collective occupies a special position in the ranks of New York bands around The Rapture and Black Dice. With their multi-layered, improvised sound collages, they revisit ideas of the psychedelic sound of the 70s.

The results are sometimes very electronic and enriched with effects like the long player "Here Comes The Indian", sometimes an acoustic sound like in "Campfire Songs" is in the foreground. Whether electronic or acoustic, Animal Collective see themselves as a pop band in the best sense of the word. The love of the melody takes precedence over all questions of the arrangement and the instrumentation.

The friendly ties to Black Dice and The Rapture are also less suitable for a musical classification of Animal Collective. In addition to Pink Floyd or the late Beach Boys, which were already significantly displaced under the influence of LSD, Stereolab and Lali Puna offer themselves as points of comparison for the Animal Collective.

Playing in a league with the aforementioned bands was the high school dream of David Portner aka Avey Tare, Noah Lennox aka Panda Bear, Brian Weitz, who goes under the pseudonym The Geologist, and Conrad Deaken, who goes by the nickname The Deaken is up to mischief. After years of swapping tapes and various bands together that go back to 1992, the project of the four friends from Baltimore takes on concrete form at the end of the 90s. Panda Bear and Avey Tare founded the band in Baltimore sometime around 1999. Still as a duo, the two released their debut album "Spirit They're Gone Spirit They're Vanished" in 2000, before recording their successor "Danse Manatee" in that year whereupon The Geologist comes across Animal Collective, who have since moved to New York.

The epic-hypnotic sound collages in connection with the wild costumes that the band wears during live performances quickly attract a good amount of attention. In 2003 the British label Fat Cat released the first two Animal Collective albums as part of its Splinter Series. At the same time, the band, which has now grown into a quartet, raises their electronic folk pop with the third long player "Here Comes The Indian" to a previously unknown level and releases the 40-minute improvisation "Campfire Songs".

In 2004 Animal Collective are again guests on Fat Cat. This time with the new album "Sung Tongs", the most demanding material of the four New Yorkers to date. The improvisational character is taken back in favor of the song structure, which is beneficial to the pop appeal of the album.

Her buddy Kieran Hebden introduced her to the legendary folk singer Vashti Bunyan that same year. Their 1970s album "Just Another Diamond Day" is considered one of the most influential works on the alternative folk scene. An intimate friendship emerges from the acquaintance, which leads to songs together. Vashti sings three songs with the collective that find their way onto the 2005 EP "Prospect Hummer". Apparently the guys have kissed the creative spirit of Bunyan awake, because she decides to record another album ("Lookaftering"). And that after a break of over thirty years!

After this interlude, Animal Collective are devoting themselves to an album again. In October 2005 "Feels" is her seventh overall, if you include "Hollinndagain", which appeared in a small edition of 300 copies in 2002 and whose covers were each handmade unique items. The musicians describe "Feels" as their love album. Understandable, since each of the nine songs is an ode to interpersonal relationships.

Since the songs on "Hollinndagain" are no longer officially available on a recording, they are releasing the disc again. In September 2007 new song material will hit the stores with "Strawberry Jam".

This is followed by an extensive tour of Europe and America before they get to work on "Merriweather Post Pavilon", which will finally be released in 2009. In addition, the band is already working on a 'visual album' in 2006 called "ODDSAC": a kind of musical film directed by Danny Perez, which is supposed to visualize what Animal Collective listeners feel when they listen to the music. The psychedelic synthesis of image and sound will start in American and European cinemas in 2011.

A year later, the collective delighted fans with "Centipede Hz". After retiring for "Merriweather Post Pavilon" and the accompanying tour, founding member Deakon is working on this album again.