What can philosophy offer to physics

Philosophy as a minor for B.Sc. and M.Sc. courses

Some B.Sc. subjects and M.Sc. subjects (mathematics, physics, psychology) offer the opportunity to take a minor or non-subject modules, whereby modules from the subject of philosophy can also be chosen. Basically all are suitable for this Basic modules of the 2-subject Bachelor's degree in Philosophy:

B.Phi.01: Basic module Theoretical Philosophy,
B.Phi.02: Basic module practical philosophy,
B.Phi.03: Basic module history of philosophy

With 9 credits (graded) as well as

B.Phi.04: Basic module logic with 6 credits (ungraded).

The add-on modules can also be used

B.Phi.05: Advanced module Theoretical Philosophy,
B.Phi.06: Advanced module Practical Philosophy,
B. Phi.07: Advanced module history of philosophy

with each 10 credits to get voted.

Not suitable For the minor study, the modules in school and out-of-school mediation skills (B.Phi.12a / b), subject-specific in-depth reading (B.Phi.11) and the bachelor's degree module (B.Phi.16) are available.

Subject-specific modules were designed depending on the requirements of the respective subject. For example, there is the 12-credit basic module "Topics of Philosophy for Physicists" (B.Phi.17) for the B.Sc. course in Physics and the basic module "History of Philosophy for Mathematics Students" (B. Phi.03a), which is awarded 5 credits. The following information sheets give you an overview of the respective study program depending on the subject: