Why shouldn't believers try to convert atheists?

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Stone louse: "I think the problem is far from being recognized. We are only on the way to it.

What else should there be to recognize?
- It is known that there are pedophile priests.
- It is known that the RKK has a hard time with this.
- The RKK is known to move slowly.
- But it is also known to move.

So what's the problem now? Quite simply, the problem is that there are also pedophile priests in the RKK.

Bamberger now argues that if he puts references to relevant articles in a sect blog, he can educate any future victims about any dangers. I don't think that the future victims of all people will find out more information on this blog. I think that anyone who hangs around here already knows what Bamberger is posting. So the question for me is what Bamberger wants to achieve here. And the answer that comes to mind is that he simply wants to create a negative mood against the RKK with the food he finds - so that he is not interested in potential victims at all.

If Mr Bamberger were really interested in the victims, then he would have much better ways available to protect victims.


In the last thread “Haiti - Promised Land for Missionaries”, for example, a discussion broke out that suggested a better way. It was stated there that our secular law takes precedence over canon law. In concrete terms, this means that we are not bound by the Vatican in the formulation of our laws, but the Vatican, on the other hand, cannot ignore our laws.

So what would Bamberger have to do so that he could get rid of the suspicion that he was just engaging in populism?

Quite simply, he would have to start an initiative. The content of the initiative would be to expand the school legislation accordingly. The fact is that all schools require a permit. It is also the case that permits are linked to conditions.

For example, the initiative should be as follows:


A) All school operations must have adequate controls in place to identify pedophile teachers.

B) Teachers who live out pedophile instincts must leave the teaching company and will no longer be allowed to teach children and young people in the future.
B.1) Must be displayed accordingly (?)
B.2) Must be included on a list available for inspection by all teaching institutes.

c) If these are teachers (e.g. priests) who are in a permanent position, the employing organization is obliged to assign these employees to other activities that make contact with children or young people impossible.
C.1) Such persons must be given appropriate therapies (?)

D) If these points are violated, the school tour permit will be withdrawn.


So, of course, it could be discussed here what exactly such an initiative text should look like. But here in the blog the resources are abundantly available.

Next, Bamberger would have to start this initiative and collect signatures accordingly. To do this, he could, as he is now, spam the blog here, with the small difference that he could also provide the link to the collection of signatures for each post.

The big plus: every reader could then actively do something. And at some point we would have legislation that would get rid of this problem, regardless of the Vatican's creeping speed.

Voila, problem solved.

It is not the case that celibacy, for example, played a role in this problem that needs to be resolved. Even if the RCC could decide to forget about celibacy, the RCC would still have all the priests it already has. What is required is simply the professional handling of appropriately inclined people. Namely from all education and training service providers.

That, stone louse, would be victim protection.