Typhoon is a Japanese word

Little one Japan Dictionary

wordBrief descriptionAinuNative Japanese people on Hokkaido in Northern JapanAnimeJapanese animation filmsBanzaiJapanese hurray callbonsaicultivated dwarf treesBushidothe way of warDojoJapanese martial arts training hallFutonjapanese mattressGeishaCultivated companion who knows traditional arts such as singing, dancing and playing musical instruments and who entertains her guests in the tea houses in the eveningsGojapanese board gameSharkJapanese for 'Ja!', also 'Jawohl!' Etc.HaikuJapanese poem form with short verses, the most typical form of Japanese poetryharakiriType of ritual suicide among the samurai, derogatory term, actually called seppukuIkebanaJapanese flower arrangementjiu-jitsujapanese martial artsJudoJapanese martial artsKabukiJapanese theatrical style from the 17th centuryKaizencontinuous improvement (Kai = change, change, Zen = for the better, in a positive sense)kamikazeLiterally "god wind", name for death pilots in World War IIKampaiJapanese toast, "Cheers!"KanjiJapanese or Chinese characters, literally: "Han characters" (Chinese characters)KaraokeSinging to instrumental versions of well-known songs. Karaoke is made up of the words "kara" (empty) and the abbreviation of "orchestra" ("Oke")karatejapanese martial artsKaroshiDeath from overworkKendojapanese fencing sportkimonotraditional Japanese garment for women and menKoiJapanese ornamental carpKonnichi waJapanese for 'good afternoon'Kyudosporting exercise of archeryMangajapanese comicsmikadoName of the Japanese emperor in the Middle AgesMisoJapanese style of soupMocchiSticky little balls made from mashed rice, traditionally eaten in Japan on New Year's Eve.Moshi moshiJapanese greeting when you answer the phone, something like 'Hello, hello'Nashijapanese pearNinjajapanese warriorNipponofficial name of Japan in the local languageNô theater, Japanese theater styleObiwide belt of the kimonoorigamijapanese art of paper foldingOtakufanatical follower of a hobbyRamenJapanese noodle / noodle soupRiJapanese measure of length, occasionally appears as a question in German crossword puzzles, is practically only known for this reasonsakeJapanese alcoholic drink with approx. 15% alcohol content, made from ricesamuraiJapanese warriors of the Middle Ages with a high code of honor–SanRespectful name addition in direct salutation, e.g. Monika-san or Neumann-sanSayonaraJapanese farewell, especially if you don't see each other for a long timeSeppukuType of ritual suicide among the samuraiShiitakeJapanese edible mushroomShinkansenjapanese bullet trainShintoJapanese natural religion. According to Shintoism, a god (kami) lives in every natural phenomenon (stones, plants, weather), who is worshiped in shrines set up for this purpose.Shogijapanese board gameShogunJapanese prince in the Middle AgesSukiyakiJapanese dish / specialtySumojapanese wrestling, sportsushijapanese rice dishtyphoonsevere storm; however, the word typhoon originally comes from ChinaTaikotraditional big japanese drumsTamagotchiSmall electronic toy that acts like a petTatamitraditional bamboo mat with which Japanese rooms are laidTempuraJapanese dish / specialtyTennojap. "Sublime, King of Heaven", title of the Japanese emperortofuQuark-like product obtained from soybean milkTsunamisudden destructive huge ocean wave, mostly caused by seaquakesyenjapanese currencyZenJapanese belief system of Buddhism