Can be used coin at ATMs

Coin cash deposit


Your advantages

  • Cash deposit of coins with no effort
  • Personal support in the office
  • Can be used in all branches

You can hand in the coins you have collected in a sealable plastic bag - a so-called safebag - to be credited to your account. Safebags are available in every branch.

Easy delivery

In just five short steps to successfully handing in your Safebag:

  1. Take an empty Safebag with you from one of our branches.
  2. Fill in coins (please do not use bills / banknotes, foreign currencies or other items).
  3. Fill out the receipt, put sheet 1 in the safebag, sheet 2 is intended for you.
  4. Close the bag with the integrated adhesive strip.
  5. Hand in the Safebag to a service employee and keep the acknowledged copy (sheet 2).

Important for her

What you should definitely know about your Safebag handover:

  • Label the receipt with all the necessary information.
  • Make sure that the information is legible and that the account number and safebag number are correct.
  • Close the safebag with the integrated adhesive tape. We ask for caution, as the adhesive tape sticks very strongly and can only be used once.


You can find an overview of frequently asked questions about Safebag and coins here:

Why are you switching to Safebag?

European banks and savings banks are subject to requirements when accepting your coins:
All coins must be checked individually for authenticity and fitness. With this measure, the European Central Bank would like to reduce the volume of counterfeit money.

For this reason, we only accept coins unrolled in the safebag and pass them on to a service provider for central machine counting and checking. After the processing has been completed, the credit will be credited to your account at Stadtsparkasse Remscheid.

For current prices, please refer to our list of prices and services, which you can obtain from your customer advisor on request.

Which coins can I put in the safebag?

Please only fill the safebag with coins denominated in euros - unfortunately, foreign currencies cannot be credited to your account.

Where can I drop off my Safebags?

It is possible to hand it in to the employees of our branches during opening hours.

Do I have to roll my loose coins?

No, simply fill all euro coins unsorted into the safebag and close it with the integrated adhesive tape.

When will the amount be credited to my account?

As a rule, the credit is issued within a week. In a few exceptional cases it can take a few days longer - please be patient.

Can I only hand in Safebags in person?

No, someone else is welcome to deliver a safebag on your behalf as a messenger. In these cases, please pay particular attention to correct labeling.

How much does it cost to hand in a Safebag?

You can find our current conditions in our list of prices and services.

Are there any weight or quantity restrictions?

Each Safebag can be filled up to the dashed line (max. 4 kg).

Is it possible as a foreign customer to make a coin deposit?

No, we only offer this service to customers of Stadtsparkasse Remscheid. Please contact your house bank or open an account with us.

When will I find out how much money was in my Safebag?

You will find out the exact value with the credit on your account.

Can I also use a safebag from other institutes?

No, please only use Safebags from the Stadtsparkasse Remscheid.

How can I avoid change?

You can avoid loose change by making cashless payments. Find out more about our payment options with the SparkassenCard, credit card, paydirekt or Kwitt.

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